Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{Look of the Week}: The Right Stripe



   This look of the week came to me in a dream, no joke. I was thinking about what to do before bed and the answer appeared to me clear as day! Spring Stripes! You know I like to mix patterns and every pattern looks great against a stripe, so why not just mix your stripes with more stripes!?
Sailor Pants: $12.00
Purple stripe sailor pants...say what? If these tiny trousers would fit, you're a fool not to buy them. I'm sorry to be harsh, but it's true! They are incredible.
Crop Top: $12.00 Pin: $12.00
She is lookin' like a babe in this outfit, you could too!
   Hope you have fun mixing your stripes! Mix and match horizontal and vertical stripes, play with the color and width of your stripes. You are sure to feel good in your fun Spring Look!
Love, Cara

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