Monday, April 30, 2012

{Look of the Week}: This look "red, white, and blue" me away!

      I know it's only my first time posting here, avid blog readers, but I already feel as if I can trust you with this big ol' secret of mine... I adore all things 'Merica. The more funky and over-the-top, the better, I say. It seems like the other girls here at Street Scene feel the same way, because our store is filled with one-of-a-kind items that are guaranteed to catch eyes. 
     Playing around with vintage red, white, and blue pieces can be a great way to stand out while you sip sweet tea at a summer barbeque or roam about a Farmer's Market. The bold colors grab attention, and our cute cuts and styles ensure that everyone around you will have stars -and stripes- in their eyes.

      Doesn't she look ready to spend her summer out in the sunshine? Our All-American beauty is wearing Emma's Favorite Top for $15, a pair of high-waisted denim shorts for $12 with a nautical belt for $16, and some sexy red pumps for $20. She's also sporting a pair of red sunglasses for $10 and an old-Hollywood inspired cigarette holder for $23. 

In case she spills some of her lemonade on her top or shorts, she has a plethora of unique outfits prepared. What a clever girl!
Her State of the Union style doesn't stop at her toes, either! This doll brings her reds, whites, and yes, even her blues home with her. A necklace ($15) decorates her mirror, alongside of a white purse which cost her $15 as well. Topping off her vanity -quite literally- is a woven hat, ringing in at $30.
Upon closer inspection, we see that her space is full of America-inspired items. She has a scarf for $6, another nautical belt for $16, a white bracelet for $6, a sailboat pin for $14, a key-holder for $6, a set of Apollo collector's glasses for $16. Resting upon her cool cat statue ($16) are her star-spangled cat eyes for $10. 
Below resides her woven purse ($20) which is decorated with a cute vintage bandana ($5). Don't forget her stars and stripes trash can! For just $21, she stamps out littering in style.

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