Friday, April 20, 2012

Native Jewels


   I have a fixation on Native American iconography. I am extremely interested in the adornments of indigenous people from all over the world, but the symbols and materials used in Native American jewelry really turn my crank. I feel that turquoise is one of those stones that looks good with pretty much everything, so much so that it becomes a neutral in my world. Southwestern style has made a come back in a big way, similar to it's popularity in the 1970's. So now is the time to get your hands on all that beautiful vintage turquoise  jewelry the hippies had to hock to get back home!

These are some of the Native American style jewels we have floating around the store right now. Who doesn't love a Thunderbird ring?
THE SQUASH BLOSSOM! Such an iconic piece of Southwestern jewelry, worn by both men and women. I've always assumed that the beauty of the design must hold great significance, but upon doing some light research no such meaning was found. It seems the design was created to show off newly found silver smiting skills brought over by the Spanish, and what skills they are!? I will know that my life is a success when I am able to wear a long black dress, red lipstick, long grey hair, and a squash blossom necklace everyday. Now that's living.
I saw a Squash Blossom like this in Cave City, Kentucky.I still think about it...probably more than I should. It was very similar to this one, but it was reversible!! That's right, you could flip it over and it looked the exact same, but was all coral! I've never seen anything like it. If anyone has a $900.00 birthday budget for me you know what to get!
 Turquoise, coral, onyx, mother of pearl...BUTTERFLIES!? Holy Moley, this blew me away.
These hummingbirds are magical. What I would give to own such a gorgeous work of art. 
These are my very own turquoise rings that I love more than anything. I bought myself the first one because of the unusual setting and that luscious piece of turquoise. The second ring is my prize jewel! My brother got this Zuni beauty for me as a birthday gift, can you believe it? I'll never be able to top such an amazing present.
I'd like to say, "hope you find some awesome turquoise jewels", but I don't want to know if you do because I'll be too jealous.
Love, Cara

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