Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintage DIY: Picture-Perfect Porches

My backporch-Summer 2011
 There is never a time when I DON'T have some kind of serious home project going on.  I have about 10 in my head at any given time, and probably about 2 or 3 actually in the works.   I should probably stay away from all the decorating magazines and Pinterest because I can hardly even clean a room anymore without rearranging, painting, or revamping some part of it.  Last spring, one of my projects was working on my back porch, and I am already gearing up to spruce it up again this year with tons of new ideas.
My backporch Summer 2011
I don't have a very extravagant or large porch, but I like to make it feel like an outdoor room: somewhere where I can entertain friends and family.  As always, I will try to do this project on a budget and using all kinds of vintage and recycled items.  I hope to have my new backporch ready in a couple weeks and will be sure to share pictures!  Until then, here are some inspiring ideas for your backporch, or any kind of outdoor space:

Why not have a chandelier outside if you have a covered porch area?  Outdoor curtains also add a great pop of color and privacy! You don't even necessarily have to use outdoor fabric, as long as the fabric is washable you can just take them down and wash them whenever they get dirty!

If you love entertaining, an outdoor bar is necessary! You can make one from a variety of different furniture pieces that you find in your garage, on the side of the road, or at your local Goodwill.  This bar is made from an old beat up desk!  It offers perfect storage compartments for all your barware, as well as serving space.  I love the chalkboard above it that you could use as a menu board, or to just write messages!
This adorable fold down bar is made from an old dresser drawer and a few other tools! You can attach it to your wall for instant storage and serving space!
An amazing idea!  Make a table with planting depth for grass! Bring a real picnic atmosphere to your porch!

An amazing Cath Kidston fabric tent- what a fun and cute campout spot!

Lace and tulle make this hammock extra girly and beautiful.

There are tons of great ideas for outdoor lighting.  From vintage string lights, chandeliers, pendants lights, to candles.  This is an easy idea to DIY:  an old clam basket filled with moss and grass and then topped with candles to add light.  Add chain or rope to the handle and you can hang it from a tree or a porch ceiling!

Plug-in pendant lights and candles are two great options for outdoor lighting because neither have to be hard-wired in, and can be portable to different areas of your yard.  You can make a pendant light out of almost anything when you purchase a pendant light cord.  Some ideas would be an old basket, a bucket, flower pots, or even old lampshades.  This over sized galvanized bucket is overflowing with flowers on top and lighted underneath- it looks amazing with the rustic decor on this porch!

Another appealing way to add privacy: Add lattice to one side of your porch.  You can train some vines or flowers to climb it, spray paint it a bright color, or even hang things from it.

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  1. Beautiful!! Love all the photos, they are very inspiring!