Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage DIY: a very vintage kitchen

A perfect spring day should always include an afternoon baking in the kitchen, windows open, with Doris Day on the record player.  To me, nothing says "home sweet home" like a classic vintage kitchen.  Adding a few vintage touches to your kitchen will make anyone who enters want to tie on a vintage apron, and cook up some recipes from your 1950s cookbook!  Here's some easy ways to make your kitchen the most cheerful place in your home! :

Step 1: Collections
Go through your attics, basements, garages, even Grandma's house, and start establishing your kitchen collections.  If you don't already have some sort of collection to display, choose something you love, and start collecting.  Add some cute shelves, use open cabinetry, or counter space to display your collections neatly arranged all together.  Everyone who comes into your kitchen will love admiring your collections, and you can actually use the items now that they are close at hand! For inspiration, check out some of the vintage collections below:

Vintage bottles line the top shelf.  The shelves above the sink display tea cups, vintage bowls, clear jars with dry goods, and vintage kitchen utensils.
Vintage kitchenware in a variety of bright colors and prints!
Vintage cookbooks, jars, planters, and other fun items create a colorful kitchen nook!
Step 2: Color
What do all vintage kitchens have in common? Lots of bright COLOR! Don't be afraid to add a pop of bright color in your kitchen, from painting the back splash or the cabinets, to your kitchen chairs and furniture.  Choose a color that your love, and that coordinates well with the items you want to display in your kitchen.  If you need color inspirations, check out some vintage curtains, tablecloths, even aprons, for fun prints and color combos!
Green walls compliment the retro green dinette set.  Bright red appliances pop against the white cabinets and light floors. 

Bright yellow cabinets look awesome next to this black and white floor!

Brightly painted chairs look so cute paired with mismatched fabric cushions and a colorful tablecloth!
The gingham tablecloth and colorful dishes along the mantle adds a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room.

Step 3: Kitchen Curtains
If you have any type of window in your kitchen, a vintage curtain or valance is a must-have!  Vintage curtains and valances are easy to find in great condition. You can also make a custom vintage curtain out of vintage fabric, sheets, a tablecloth, or even hankies! The color scheme of your curtain fabric may help you determine what colors to use in your kitchen.

Curtains made from vintage dishtowels and ribbon.

Vintage kitchen valances- available at Street Scene

Tieback curtain made from vintage tablecloth

Curtain made from vintage hankies sewn together.

Cute little dishtowel hung in the window as a valance.
Step 4: Flowers!
A bunch of colorful fresh flowers will add a beautiful touch (and smell) to your vintage kitchen.  Gather them from your garden or purchase some at the grocery.  I love to display them in a vintage pitcher, a fun alternative to a vase and very kitchen-appropriate.  Set them in the center of your table, by your sink, on your window sill, or around your counter.
Multi-colored flowers in a white enamel pitcher.
Perfect pitchers for your flowers, all available at Street Scene ($14-$22).
Soft pink flowers in a bright yellow pitcher.
 A daisy mix in a blue mason jar.
Step 5: Cookbooks 
Vintage cookbooks look adorable sitting open on a cookbook stand, out on your counter, or stacked on a shelf.  For cheap and easy wall art, you can even frame the covers, or illustrations found inside. Don't forget to check out the recipes, and maybe try a few out!
Vintage cookbooks from Street Scene ($2-$6)
Barbie's "Easy-as-Pie" Cookbook- too cute!

a 1940's cookbook with the cutest cover!


  1. did emma post this? because she should post photos of her adorable vintage kitchen!!

  2. yes she did! she is hoping to post some more pictures of her home soon!