Thursday, May 31, 2012

COLOR Saturation.


   I'm obsessed with COLOR Saturation! This might seem contrary to my previous "wear every color at once" blog, but it's really about making BOLD color choices and head to toe pink is BOLD! Color saturation works in fashion as well as home furnishings. I first fell in love with the idea when I was a little girl and watched old Technicolor movies. Musicals often used saturated color stories in their set designs to quickly convey emotions...and also simply because it looks FANTASTIC! To make an entire room or outfit work only using one color you have to get creative with mixing textures, finishes, and hues.
I cannot tell you how many times I have watched An American In Paris. Who doesn't love Gene Kelley in those high waisted sailor pants? And Leslie Caron is stunning in every way! The film uses color saturation while describing Leslie Caron's character and WOW what an impact it makes!

My main squeeze Missy Elliot loves wearing saturated color outfits!! I LOVE HER!!
Well if saturated colors are good enough for the Queen of England they're good enough for me!!

I just redid the kitchen using a saturated color scheme. I love the way that all pink table looks! I encourage all if you to play with color saturation, just try it for a table scape or an outfit, nothing too serious. And maybe if things work out between you and color saturation you can make your relationship more exclusive by committing to an entire room!!


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