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The higher the hair...

When people come into the shop for costume advice, I'm all on it. Not sure what a 60s dress looks like? Let me show you! Unsure of what jewelry will match your 50s frock? Here, let me lay out some amazing costume jewelry that I secretly want, but that you should buy. 

Then, and I always know its coming, they ask the dreaded question: what should I do with my hair?

Now, I'm moderately acquainted with hairstyles of yesteryear, don't get me wrong. Matter of fact, I'm more acquainted with hairstyles from 60 years ago than I am with todays! But even with my slight knowledge, as a person who hasn't brushed her hair in years, I may not be the best gal to ask about on the subject. I pretty much have two hair options, down (with no style whatsoever) and the ever popular haven't-washed-my-hair-in-one-week ponytail.Both are completely unflattering, and make me question why anyone would look to me for hair advice.

Moving on from that lovely snippet of self deprecation! I'd like to go through and visit some hairstyles throughout the decades! I'll start with the 1920s!

The 1920s experienced a great change in the lovely locks of ladies. As many of you probably know, 'the bob' took hold during this decade and really shook things up. Men folk were up in arms about it, saying that women were becoming more daring not only in their hairstyles, but in fashion and beliefs. Uh oh. Watch out! Some women did still keep their hair long, carrying over the curls that were so popular during the 1910s.

This hair just kills me! I love it. Also, I am obsessed with the shape of her
lips. It was so fashionable to have that small, heart shaped mouth then!

Here is a great example of a bob that used hair wavers! Hair wavers gave
the hair that great look that most people think of when they think
about 1920s hair. I'm not sure how many people sit and think about 
hair from the 20s. Just me?

'Nature alone won't wave the hair'. Obviously, the advertisers here
never met the old mop on my head.

Heres another example of a bob. The bob was where bobby pins
got their name! They were used to keep the short hair in their
place, while being more discreet than larger hair pins of 
the time. Who knew? Now we all know! 

I suppose we'll move on to the 1940s. The 1940s welcomed long, sultry hair and especially the new trend of peek-a-boo bangs. A great example of these bangs can be seen on my own personal hair goddess, Veronica Lake.  

I mean, really? Could this hair be any more perfect? 

Victory rolls! Such a fun hairstyle that really makes you feel like you're in 
the 1940s! Whereas with the Veronica Lake style, longer hair is needed,
this works super great for short hair!

Its everyones' favorite redhead! I adore this classic style of piling hair on top 
of the head. Such a good look!

Check out more styles after the break!

The fifties brought back a bit shorter hair. Styles ranged from pompadours, soft curls, and rolled bangs. The fifties look was usually achieved by a long process of pin curling and rolling. Fifties hairstyles were soft and curly. The long wave was out, and shorter hair was taking the main stage again. When most people think of the 50s, they start to think of the classic pin up style. This style incorporates both 40s and 50s hair! Lets take a look! 

Look at this little lady. Hair neatly brushed into soft curls! If you have
long hair, you can easily roll it underneath itself to create this
short hair illusion! 

Rolled bangs! These really go well with a classic 50s shirtdress!

Short bangs became very popular, as did a ponytail which allowed for curls to neatly
swish behind the head. Adding a scarf to the ponytail completes this super 50s look! 

Next, the sixties came along, and made hair styles bigger and better. The beehive was simple and elegant, and off the forehead sweeps were extremely popular. Flips also gained popularity, and often times, women would do a mix of several styles of hair. The pixie cut also was made popular in the 60s, and to this day remains absolutely adorable (except on me). 

Check out this loose beehive. Pair this with a cute little mini and cat eye makeup, and 
you'll be perfectly 60s.

This gal's sweep and flip epitomizes a 1960s hair style. Look how adorable she is
in those glasses!

Heres a stylish gal with a flip. Its an easy hairdo for any 1960s outfit!

This pixie cut makes me want to chop all of my hair off and only wear
mod/nautical outfits for the rest of my life.

The 1970s brought more changes. Its just so funny how things come and go so quickly! Take a look at some popular 70s hair styles.

AH. Nothing beats a part in the middle. I love love this hairstyle.
Again, doesn't work on me,but works on Miss  Emma! 

This looks good on someone out there. Somewhere.

She is the 70s hair style!

There now. I hope that you all learned as much as I did! What fun to try all of these hairstyles! Have any of you had a hair style that you regret? Any of you proudly show off a crazy fad hairdo? Let me know! Post pictures!

Until next time...

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