Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its like a swiss army knife!

I appreciate the whole 'upcycle' movement. I understand it. But I can't do it. You see, I consider myself somewhat of a vintage purist. You may remember me saying previously that I had an affinity for handkerchiefs. I wrote about all of the neat ways to display them, one of them being making a sort of patchwork curtain out of them. Great idea, truly. But to me, that means the original state of the hankie has been altered! In my head, keeping an item as it was gives me a great sense of...history? If one can call it that.

I know I get carried away with the stories I make up about who owned it, and who touched it, but I can't help it. I want the item to look like Teddy Roosevelt carried it around in his pocket, or that it was lost in a shipwreck and washed up on shore, or even that the item was an exchange between a lovesick young boy and a contortionist that he fell in love with at the carnival. Am I an idiot? Yes, but the thought of thinking that George Washington may have touched certain items I own is enough to keep me happy for the rest of my life. 

My point is, if I made a pillow of all my hankies, I would look at the pillow and think, 'dang, thats pretty', instead of, 'this small bloodstain could be from when a man used it to wipe his face off after defending his love's honor in a fist fight'! But, as I always say, everyone is different. Which is why upcycling makes so much sense. There are a lot of items that are super easy to upcycle, but the suitcase is a prime example of one that has a myriad of ways to make it into the coolest item you own. It really is the swiss army knife of traveling gear. Did that work? Doesn't matter. Lets move on, shall we?

Of course, I use my suitcases strictly for traveling, and thats cool. I'm boring. But theres so much you all can do with them! Lets take a look!

First, the suitcase as a chair. Of course this makes sense. This really is super easy to make, and is a cute alternative to a regular, non-suitcase chair. You know, because there aren't a ton of those out there...yet! 

Obviously, these are super professional looking. You don't have to go for the 
tufted look! I suppose you could even strategically shove a pillow in the
suitcase to give it the same look.

You can even stencil or iron on an image! Too fun.

How cute would it be to have a silhouette of your pet on the back of that chair? If you said super cute, you're right. But hold on, if you love your pet that much, why don't you just make them THEIR VERY OWN SUITCASE BED. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, prepare for adorable overload. 

I'm a dog person, but I can't deny that a sleepy cat is pretty darn cute. As is this bed.

As with the chair, you can just nestle a pillow down in there. That makes it super easy to
change the fabric if you get sick of it. Throw on a new pillowcase!

This happened. I can't un-see the cuteness. This makes me want bunk beds. And this still makes
me want dogs. Sorry, cat lovers.

Okay, now that you got your daily serving of animal pictures, lets move on with what may be my favorite use for a suitcase: a medicine cabinet! We all know that if I chose to do this with a suitcase, I'd have to have all early glass medicine bottles and straight razors in it. I'd want it to look like a late 1800s barber shop in there. BUT, you can really make it any way you want! Add some neat fabric or paper as a background, add drawers, anything! 

Yes. This is pretty perfect. I can honestly say I feel tempted to do this. 
I can't handle those light bulbs, or that chain to turn them off/on. 

Moving along sort of in the same vein, lets talk about the suitcase bar. This is perfect for anyone. I don't drink, but I like having a bar set up for people that do. If you don't want to take up a lot of space, but want a neat way of holding/displaying your bar, this is the answer! 

How fun is this? You could even do three suitcases sort of staggered
along the wall to hold all of your bottles. Theres nothing wrong with
needing more than one suitcase to hold your alcohol. 
No one judges here.

I have one million plants in my house. Thats an estimate, but I wager its pretty close to the actual number. I prefer a jungle look. I like plants that could be harboring a small family of squirrels or plants that are taller than me. But if you prefer a neat, manicured/contained look, the suitcase planter is for you!

Pretty neat, huh? You could even grow moss on the back if you didn't want the fabric
showing. You could also add little animal figures throughout the plants.
Dinosaurs, even. 

Heres another version of it. Pretty adorable. 

Next is the suitcase shelf. I'll admit that these look pretty alright. JUST KIDDING, THEY LOOK BEYOND AWESOME. Since you get two shelves per suitcase, its a pretty good deal. Or you can be like this person and have every shelf be different, either way.

I'll be honest with you, I'm drooling over this credenza. This person obviously knows
what they are doing. 

Of course there are many more options to upcycle your suitcase. It could hold your jewelry, dog leashes and treats, craft supplies. ANYTHING. Have any of you made something neat out of a suitcase? Send us pictures! 

Until next time...

P.S.- You can thank me later for not writing my blog about the Hatfields and the McCoys. Because you know how badly I wanted to. 

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