Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage DIY: Summer at the Cinema

One thing that I always look forward to every summer is catching up on my movie watching.  You always seem to have a little extra free time in the summer to relax and start putting that Netflix account to good use. There are also so many fun opportunities for movie watching events, whether it's the Summer Classics series at the Kentucky Theater, "Fountain Films" at Triangle Park, or hosting your own outdoor movie night.  I always attend the summer classics series every summer at the Kentucky Theater, and this year they have an amazing lineup of films! You can check out the schedule here --->Kentucky Theater Summer Classics Series Schedule.  Be sure to get tickets as EARLY as possible because shows often sell out for the 7:30 showing before the movie starts.  There are only two showings for each movie (1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.), but occasionally they will add extra showings if the movie is extremely popular (Check their website/Facebook regularly during the days leading up to the movie to find out about extra showings).
  Also I would recommend getting to the theater about 30 minutes early to get a good seat, especially if you are going with a group, otherwise it will be hard to find multiple seats together.  I always enjoy dressing up according to the theme/era of the movie as well!  Another event that is brand new this year is "Fountain Films" at Triangle Park.  The newly renovated Triangle Park will be showing movies every other Friday throughout the summer. The classics  "Dirty Dancing" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" are among some of the titles that will be shown this summer.  To see the complete schedule check out the Triangle Park event calendar here ---> Triangle Park Event Calendar.  
One of my all-time favorite events to host is an outdoor movie night for friends, neighbors, or friends! This is most easily done if you have some sort of movie projector to work with.  You can hook up a DVD player or computer, and some speakers, and easily project your movie onto a sheet, garage wall, or screen.  If you don't have your own projector, try borrowing one from a friend or your workplace, or even look into renting one for one night. Popcorn and theater-style refreshments are a must, and look even cuter in retro packaging!  You can often find the old fashioned red-and-white striped popcorn bags and containers at the dollar stores around town.  You can also use regular brown paper lunch bags (you could even decorate them!) to serve popcorn in.  Pop several different types of popcorn and serve them in big bowls or glass jars with a big scoop.  You can also create a cute candy bar with all kinds of your favorite movie snacks like licorice, raisinettes, M&Ms, and gummi bears!  Old fashioned drinks in bottles are definately a must! Serve them in a tub of ice or a cute vintage bottle crate!  Don't stress over providing seats for all your guests.  One great idea is to have a basket of blankets/sheets for everyone to grab, open up, and lay on in the grass.   You can also toss some pillows around for guests to use.  Hay bales and old crates work great as low side tables to set drinks or food on around the seating area.  For decor, you can string some lights above your movie area or food table, hang some old movie posters (maybe even find a poster of the movie you are showing!), you can find tons of old movie reels for sale on Ebay and Etsy, and tiki torches or bunches of citronella candles will help keep you movie night bug-free.  Check out the photos below for some more great ideas:

right: a basket of blankets wrapped in twine; left: popcorn and candy bar decorated with lanterns and lights

Love the vintage blankets, pillows, and crates all around the yard and especially love the "take a sheet, grab a seat" sign! What a great excuse to buy all those adorable printed vintage sheets you always see at Goodwills, and such a cheap idea for seating!

Vintage cowboy popcorn bags! Check out Etsy or Ebay for finds like this!

This party used vintage aluminum cups to hold their candy and brown lunch bags for their popcorn!

This looks too cozy! The hanging wicker pendant lights look so chic above this movie spot, and those lounging cushions are perfect for relaxing with friends!


In the top photo, they provided lots of different salts and toppings in little aluminum shakers for the popcorn.  Striped paper straws (which we now sell at Street Scene!) look adorable in bottled drinks!

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