Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vintage DIY: Throw a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

 First of all, press play above to enjoy one of the greatest albums of all time while reading this blog post.  If there's one thing I know about, it's a theme party.  I love throwing fiesta-themed parties and have always wanted to throw an over-the-top fiesta for one of my favorite holidays, Cinco de Mayo.  Unfortunately this year, when I finally thought I could make it happen, the derby and Cinco de Mayo are ON THE SAME DAY! I am VERY upset about two of my favorite pre-summer events being squished into the same day because I know I won't get to celebrate each to the fullest extent.  I have decided I am still going to have a fiesta sometime this summer because there are too many fun ideas to use!  Take a look below at some great inspirations for fun and colorful decorations, hot and spicy food, and flashy fiesta fashion ideas for your own Cinco de Mayo celebration!
My own fiesta party- Summer 2009

Floral prints, bright colors, and stripes will help you create the perfect fiesta atmosphere.  Be on the look out for inexpensive items you can use to decorate your space: brightly colored tablecloths, lanterns, Mexican blankets, centerpieces, and all kinds of bright dishes!  Take a look at the photos below for specific set-up ideas. 
A mexican blanket, old or new, makes a great tablecloth or backdrop at your party.  Set up different stations for food: a nacho bar, taco station, margarita bar, fruit table, or salsa station are some great ideas.  Bowls of fruit and vases full of bright flowers add even more perfect color to your tables.

Use old chalkboards to list menus, ingredients, or instructions for your different bars or stations.  Carnival-style striped ice cream cups are perfect for serving appetizers!  Collect vintage souvenirs from Mexico to add a unique touch to your space.

BRIGHTS, BRIGHTS, BRIGHTS!  Banners, tissue pom-poms, and bright napkins and centerpieces make this space fiesta-ready!
My favorite fiesta decor: Bold red and white patterns paired with lots of bright white accents.  Other bold colors are also mixed in the centerpieces and hanging decor!
Collect old Mexican jalapeno, pepper, or sauce jars/cans and use them to hold flowers or centerpieces!
Visit this site to order pom-poms and banners for your fiesta!

More bright patterns, fringe, and stripes- don't be afraid to mix patterns and colors!

The absolute cutest invitation for your fiesta!


There are too many fattening and delicious ideas for food at a fiesta! From dips to enchiladas, tacos to beans, margaritas to salsas, the possibilities are endless! Here are some of my favorite ideas and recipes (Click on the caption to go to the recipe!).
Mexican layer dip in a pretty pedestal dish!
Mexican layer salad
SALSA BAR! Will work great for topping all your Mexican dishes, or just with chips for an appetizer!
PINATA COOKIES with real treats inside!
An adorable appetizer size layer dip in a mini cup!
A refreshing dessert for hot summer nights: margarita popsicles!

Fiesta Salad- All the ingredients can be used all night for dips or toppings!
Abide by one rule for your fiesta fashion: Bright and Bold.   You can go traditional with an embroidered Mexican top or dress, or more modern with a brightly patterned flowy maxi dress.  The hand-painted Mexican circle skirts of the 50's are some of my favorite vintage fashion items of all time, and are oh so perfect for your fiesta attire.  You can also go casual with a flowy peasant top, shorts, and flat sandals.  Glance through the photos below for fashion inspiration for your fiesta.  
Fiesta maxi dress by Nannette Lepore
Vintage Mexican circle skirt with Mexican cityscape
hand-painted Mexican circle skirt with bull fighting scene
Tracy Reese fiesta dress from Modcloth
Vintage black, white, red, and green stripe circle skirt- would look perfect with an off-the-shoulder red blouse!
PERFECT 1950s fiesta scene dress!
Take a cue from Carmen Miranda for accessories with a little fruit punch!
My dream shoes: the most perfect 1970s fruit-embellished platform sandals from Etsy.
Fruit salad clip-ons!
More fab embellished platforms!
Vintage fruit salad glass necklace
Cute and comfy Mexican embroidered dress!
Adorable embroidered top to wear with shorts or a skirt!

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