Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A break from your weekly history lesson...

Some days, I'm a creativity monster. I'll take on 2 billion mini projects, from collages, to painting, to placing unexpected details throughout the house. For example, the other day I went out and bought a bag of army men. After playing with them (they are just as fun as you remember), I proceeded to create a battle scene above the doorway to the office. The ceilings in my place are super tall, as are the doorways. I'm pretty sure no one even knows its there. But I do, and it makes me so happy. There are so many days when I'm just bursting with inspiration and ideas that my heart and brain can't keep up with each other. Those days are awesome. Today, ladies and gentlemen, is just not one of those days. 

This doesn't seem to bode well for the blog, huh? Maybe. I'm going to take a break from my history lessons and whatever it is I usually talk about (presidents, how pretty Emma is, how I don't know how to dress myself like an adult), to just chat about things I love right now. Lets get started.

60's mini/shift dresses.
I decided a few months ago that this was to be the summer of shift dresses and minis. After many years of passing on this style ( I was convinced it didn't look good on me ), I've 160% accepted it. When I saw Wes Anderson's trailer for 'Moonrise Kingdom', I knew I was on the right path. 

If I had my druthers, I'd be the boyscout. Everything in this picture is perfect. Mini dress with
peter pan collar, knee high socks, everything. I'm whole-heartedly determined 
to have this be my summer

Currently looking for this particular dress on Etsy. In love. Also currently looking for a 
lighthouse to stand atop wearing said dress. 

Well, I just died. This is the epitome of the kinds of dresses I'm
planning my summer around. Yes. I said that. 

Vaccuum Tubes.
I don't ask questions when I start a collection. I just let it happen. But good heavens, how cool are these?!?!?!

Not my personal collection, mines better. Just saying.

Thermometer Advertisements.
What is it about these that make me squeal with delight? I just love them so! Most of the ones I have are from insurance companies, banks, and my favorites, funeral homes. I suppose I'm mostly enamored with the fact that companies used to essentially hand these out.


This particular compact.
I may be able to claim the world's second largest collection of compacts, BUT I DON'T HAVE THIS ONE. This particular compact has haunted my dreams. Its so beautiful, and I haven't seen one like it. 

What a perfect color combo!

Airline Swizzle Sticks.
Well, really any swizzle stick. But especially airline ones. I am a huge proponent of swizzle sticks. Why wouldn't I be? That shirley temple isn't going to stir itself. 

Perfection. I love having swizzle sticks for every mood and occasion. 

Of course there are many MANY more items that I find myself obsessed with every day. These are just a few of the items that I've been thinking about lately. What are you super into right now? Do your interests change often? Let me know! I want to hear about what items you can't get enough of this summer!

Until next time...

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