Monday, June 4, 2012

{Look of the Week}: Convertible Dreams

   Take me for a ride in your sweet convertible please!! There is no greater joy to me than taking a beautiful country drive with the top of a convertible down. Someday I WILL have my own, but for now I have to rely on the kindness of others to give me my fix. My best friend had a convertible Saab for her first car and we took full advantage of that thing. I think I love them because when I'm driving down the road with my hair whipping around it feels like I'm living life in a movie. How wonderful to have an experience so fantastic that it feels to good to be true.
    Because I haven't gotten my convertible kicks in a wild I decided to quell my desire by making it my look of the week! Pack a picnic basket and get over to Street Scene to by yourself one of these lovely convertible friendly looks!
This dress will hug your curves as your convertible hugs the cures in the road! Don't forget your scarf ladies, you wouldn't want to mess your permanent.
Don't forget to bring a good book know, to read on a blanket in a field.
Wear dreamy sunset colors.
When you drive a beautiful convertible with white wall tires you can just park right beside the pool...just one of the perks of being cool.
Yes Paul Newman you can take me for a ride in your convertible VW Bug. I will go with you anywhere...ANYWHERE!!
Take your top off and hit the road!!

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