Saturday, June 23, 2012

Look of the Week: {Oh, Those Summer Nights!}

     Perhaps it's just this summer heat getting to me, but I've completely ruled out baggy t-shirts and sweats as nighttime options. It's just too hot to even consider cotton pajamas! Instead, I opt for a much cooler fabric: Silk. Not only does it feel better against your skin, but the styles make you feel like a princess. 
I'm an absolute sucker for darling nighties and teddies, and even a silky slip makes for a good night's rest. Here our strikingly sexy mannequin is posing in a Pucci -that's right, Pucci- slip with a darling silk butterfly robe. Did I mention that the robe comes with a matching wrap skirt?

 Pucci Slip $35 and Butterfly Robe and Skirt $18

Keep in mind that almost every nighttime outfit can be transitioned into day wear. Try a gruff jacket or blazer over the slip, or maybe a simple tank with the wrap skirt. There's no wrong way to do it, so try out your own ideas!

Please, just look at how amazing this sexy red teddy is. It's perfection in every sense of the word. Seriously, the only way this piece could get any better is if you paired it with this micro-mini blue slip. 

Teddy $15 and Blue Slip $15
 Did we just create the most perfect 4th of July evening wear? Yeah, we did.

 Our mannequin's bedside table is littered in gauzy scarves and naughty paperbacks. What better way to drift into dreamland than with a trashy romance novel in hand? She also has a few glass flutes beside her in case she wants a drink before bed. 
 Maybe you're not buying silk nightwear to wear in the daytime, though. Maybe you're buying it to use at, well, night. In such cases, you can get some ideas from a saucy vintage playboy, or, even better, a record to set the mood.

 Wait... can we zoom in on that record?
I think this speaks for itself.

So whether you're trying to beat the heat, or create the heat, come try on some of our fantastic nighties!

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