Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nail It!

   I have been a nail biter for most of my life. You know, just a happy little external expression of my internal anxietyI have managed to grow my nails out for 6 months at a time now and then, but as soon as I sit down to watch a thrilling film say goodbye to my hard work. This time is different! How could I ever bite my nails again when I receive so much pleasure from people admiring them!? The first time someone asked me if they were fake I wanted to say, "bless you", I probably did say that actually. I know pride isn't always the best thing in the world, but darn it, I feel really proud of my homegrown nails!!
   Nail art is huge right now. All the sudden it's become super popular to paint your nails with crazy designs and even glue on charms and other do-dads. I say halleluiah! A girl who went to my middle school used to get tiny holes drilled in her ultra long nails so she could dangle charms from them, it made an impression on me. I just would like to share some of the most lovable and outrageous nail art I've found, hope you enjoy... 
Super pointy nails are in right now, but like everything else it's been done! This vintage polish advertisement shows nails to kill.
I love this ad, I love this ad, I love this ad. (And the font)
Might be tricky to do much of anything in these bad boys, but daaaang they're fly!
You know I love the jewel tones and mixing chains, WHAT!?
These are just a dream come true for me! I love the way the texture of the nail looks like sugar, and it doesn't hurt that she's holding a glass of champagne. That's my kind of girl!
OK...can you believe this!?! Can't you imagine those things getting all cheesy from her snacks!
And to wash down your snacks, you've got to have some soda! However, I'm puzzled by the Diet Dr. Pepper finger and the RC pinky...was good old fashioned Coke-a-Cola Classic not invited to the party?
Now that's dedication! How do you think she put those bracelets on? If I grow my nails long enough, does that mean I get a personal assistant?
I think these are just the right mixture of the bizarre and the wearable. Not too long to prevent you from day to day activities, but different enough to catch someones eye...ding, ding, ding we have a winner!
If you're on the way to get a manicure these are the different nail shapes you have to choose from. The almond is en vogue, but I prefer the round. Both my grandmother's had long round nails and it just just seems like the right choice! Whatever you choose have fun with your long luxurious nails!

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