Thursday, June 28, 2012


Buying and consigning on Mondays is one my favorite parts of working at Street Scene. Often times people will come in and explain how they aren't quite sure whats in the box they are bringing, or how all the items were from their grandparents house. These types of phrases are exactly what I want to hear. When I hear the words, 'My (fill in the family member) NEVER threw anything away', I pee my pants a little from excitement. Just a little. Not enough to judge. 

I can't tell you how much I've learned working on Mondays. Learning ways to tell if an item is new, learning how to date an item, and even doing research to find out about certain items is the butter to my bread. 

Maybe this is all coincidental, but there is a trend I've been noticing every Monday. A few Mondays ago, a woman brought in a giant lot of 1960s shifts. Of course I squealed with glee, and declared that I needed every single last one. A little later that same day, another woman came in with a fair selection of 1960s dresses. And then another, and another. This trend repeated itself the past few Mondays, each having its own sort of 'theme'. Are you all in cahoots with each other? Do you all plan to bring in super similar items on the same day? If you are, I can't say that I mind. Not one bit.

This past Monday's theme has been my favorite so far. The theme was Victorian-1940s. I know, right? We usually try to only take items from the 1950's-1970's, so the fact that all these people decided on the same day to sell us their super awesome and super old items was out of this world. I loved it. I sadly had to pass on the pre-1900 items, though getting to touch them, smell them (don't care if thats weird, we were given noses to use them!), and really sit and think about the history behind them was enough to make my day. I ended up choosing a lot of 30's and 40's items, mostly dresses. I'm going to post some pictures of these beautiful pieces!

This beautiful late 30's/40's dress is a stunner. The detailing on the sleeves is enough to make me swoon! Made out of breezy chiffon, this beauty has what it takes to keep you cool on hot summer nights. All I can picture is a red lip and a pair of killer wedges to make this dress really perfect. I took a closeup of the pattern because its just so perfect for summer. Well, minus those wrinkles. I haven't steamed it yet, I'm sorry, Mom!

Next we have my favorite dress...of all time! Yes, I am aware that at least 50 dresses now have this grand title from me, but thats okay. This dress truly is the best dress ever. The super rich golden satin and large keyhole detailing underneath the bust make this dress a show stopper. Again, a red lip, and a long necklace with tassels would make this dress out of hand. I love how the gathered satin flows to the ground. The wearer of this dress will surely look like liquid gold! 

This little 1940s day dress is just perfect for going to the farmers market. The pattern is to die for, and so are all the little details! The shoulder pads immediately give you that great 1940's shape, and the pockets and front of shoulders have a great fabric detail. With a tie in the back, this dress will give you that nipped in waist that flatters all! 

These three dresses are just a handful of the amazing items we got in on Monday. I loved seeing these items for the first time and getting to explore all their little details! The yellow dress is obviously my favorite! Which one do you like best? Which do you see yourself wearing this hot hot summer? (The answer is all three. Comon).

Until next time...

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