Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ch ch ch ch changes...

Isn't it funny how tastes change? When I was seven, I wanted to grow up to be a shark, and I thought tomatoes were the grossest things on earth. Okay, so bad example, both of those things are still very true. But really, I find it so interesting how you can look back, even a year or two ago, and you go, 'What was I thinking'? I suppose the reason I'm thinking about all of this is because of two particular instances. One, I found a bunch of photos from 2004, and lets just say I, (evidently), had no idea what I was doing with my hair or style, and two, I plunged head first into redecorating my entire apartment, and realized that my thoughts on style had changed.

About the how horrible I looked in 2004: there is no reason or answer. We'll let that live on secretly in photos that will never see the light of day. The apartment on the other hand, came about after a night of sleeplessness. When I can't sleep, I eat a bowl of cereal, and I peruse etsy and ebay.  I kept finding myself attracted to things I've never been attracted to before: patterns only involving primary colors, 60s mod prints, I've been redoing the entire apartment to fit my new vision. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm doing it 150%. So far, the only way I can describe the change of style in my apartment is, 'horrible five year old finger-painting'. I can't tell if what I'm doing has any sort of goodness in it, but I can tell you one thing: it makes me super out of control happy.

So what makes us decide we don't like something, and what makes us decide we suddenly love something we never did before? I think about this all of the time. As a buyer, I've seen my attraction to certain items change over time. At first, I only found myself liking items from the 50s. I was a staunch 50s proponent, and I loathed anything that seemed too flowery or too playful. Then I went straight to the 20s. Then I headed to the 40s, after which I promptly turned around and went to the 30s. Follow this up with the 60s. I always find myself appreciating new styles and time periods. 

I find it interesting that the decades have a conversation within themselves. Each decade has an answer to the one that came before. And I suppose thats why my style is now all over the board. Some days a super flowery shift dress fits my mood better than a structured 40s frock. Some days I want my bedspread to have flowers and people all over it, and some days I want it to be a geometric pattern. My 1950s chalkware swans can be replaced by a print of chandeliers and french chairs, and its all good. I thrive on change, so getting to have all these options in decorating is the milk to my cereal. Yes, second cereal reference of the post. Totally buying Frosted Flakes after work today. 

What I love about vintage and thrifting in general, is that ability to go with whatever your heart desires, and often on the cheap. Sick of your current decorating style? Head out to vintage stores (STREET SCENE) and thrift stores, and chances are you can find items that will inspire you! If in a few months, you realize you made a mistake doing a 'Precious Moments meets 70s plaid' room, you can go out and find some more fun treasures to change up your style. And just like those horrible pictures from your prom, you can forget your style disaster ever even happened! 

Do you all find yourself changing what you like as often as I do? Perhaps I just have a commitment issue with style! Either way, I want to know what you used to be into, and aren't anymore! And vice versa! 

Until next time...

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