Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage DIY: 6 Easy and Quick DIY Projects You Need to Try!

6 Easy and Quick DIY Projects YOU Need to Try!
 #1-Ombre Chambray Shirt
 step 1: find a chambray top!

step 2: secure a rubber band (tightly) around the waist of the shirt 

step 3: dip the bottom of the shirt (below the rubber band) in a 50/50 mix of water and bleach (don't leave shirt in bleach mixture for any longer than 2 minutes). *Add more bleach for a whiter look, or less bleach for a more subdued change.
step 4: hang your shirt to dry! 

 #2: Brooch Necklace
#1: Find a good chunky chain-style necklace to use as your base

#2: Collect cute brooches that you love, and that look good together!

#3: Group your pins together and strategically pin them onto your necklace around chain. 

#4: Change up the arrangement or add new pins whenever you want!

 #3: Spray-Painted Pinecones
#1: find a good selection of pinecones- either outdoors or buy a bag at your local craft store.

#2: Pick out your paint colors.  Some ideas are all-white (perfect for Christmas), brights (seen above), or pastels (pictured below).

#3: Spray your pinecones! You will probably have to turn them once to get both sides covered.

#4: Gather them in a pretty jar or planter to display.

 #4: Record Side Table
#1: Choose a vintage record that you don't mind destroying.

#2: Find a base for your table: the top of the base needs to be smaller than the diameter of your record (plant stands work great, as well as small little side tables).

#3:Hot glue a line around the top of your base and lay the record on top. Press firmly for 10 seconds.

#5: Decoupage Flower Pots
#1: Find your flower pots- purchase new ones or use ones you have around the house.

#2: Choose your fabric

#3: Lay out your fabric on your pots and cut it to fit

#4:Using Modge-Podge (or your own glue-water mixture) and a sponge brush, carefully paint over the fabric to secure it to the pot.

#6: Top-Knot Headband
#1: Choose a stretchy jersey fabric for your headband

#2: Cut two 8''x 24'' pieces 

#3: Fold both strips in half and sew a seam along the bottom.

#4: Turn strips inside out.

#5: Lay both strips across each other creating a cross or X shape.

 #6: Fold one strip in half around the other and do the same with the 2nd strip (this will create the top knot).
#7: Gather the 4 ends together flat and sew a seam to hold them together.


  1. Thank you very mutch for this tutorial. This headband sits perfectly, looks pretty and is easy and quick to sew!

  2. what a great idea! looks so stylish!

  3. Been meaning to make this, I have a jersey t-shirt that I just don't wear, it will be perfect for this!