Thursday, July 19, 2012

When I grow up...

When I was in Kindergarten, it was customary at the school I went to, to write what you wanted to be underneath your yearbook picture. When the yearbook was published, you could look through the entire Kindergarten class and see just what all of our dreams and aspirations were. The usual suspects showed up: doctor, ballerina, policeman. But there were two that stood out: paleontologist, and lawn mower. 

The paleontologist was me. To say I was obsessed with dinosaurs is accurate. To say I wanted to be a dinosaur is even more so. But accepting that I could not change my body's chemical makeup, I devoted my life to digging up things and cleaning them with my tools. This lasted for a few years, and then I moved on to sharks, then woodworking, then whatever else I thought was my life calling. The list goes on and on. (It still does).

The lawn mower was my friend John Cane. I remember the teacher asking him if he wanted to have a business that took care of people's lawns. John looked at her and told her he wanted to be an actual lawn mower. The machine kind of lawn mower. Needless to say, I had a crush on him for a while after that. 

I just keep thinking about the million things I want to be. Obviously, I can't hold the 50 imaginary jobs I run through in my head in my day to day life. But I do have a way in which I get to live out certain things: fashion! I feel like this deserves music or jazz hands. Something really special. Feel free to add your own flair. Moving on.

Yes, its true that I do spend most of my days in a t shirt, jeans, and some sort of tennis shoe. I have the amazing ability to look like a 5 year old that snuck into her mother's makeup case/closet when I dress up, so keeping it low key is more my thing. Hey, we can't all be Emma! But there's something about dressing up that sort of makes me feel like I'm living out some fantasy. Let me explain.

I have outfits that make me feel certain ways. I'm sure a lot of you can side with me on this sentiment. For example, I have a dress that I envision is what a depressed retired ballerina would wear. So, every time I put that dress on, I feel like that. That probably sounds totally negative, but its not. Does this make me sound nuts? Surely I can't be the only one that does this! One some days when I'm cleaning the house, I put on some of my 1930's lingerie and robes and pretend I'm in Paris. For some reason, putting on lipstick, and wearing amazing nightgowns makes cleaning the house a lot easier. Also, pretending your  apartment is in Paris doesn't hurt...

I have dresses that make me feel like I'm living in 1940s Oklahoma, jumpsuits that make me feel like I'm living 200 years in the future, and even work out clothes that make me feel like I'm a champion athlete.  Thats what I love about clothes and fashion in general. Technically, every day is a giant dress up party. And who doesn't love that? It always takes me back to being a kid, when all it took was a weird outfit and you turned into whatever you wanted to be. 

I'm a huge proponent of wearing exactly what you want. Doesn't match? Isn't the best fit? Sometimes its okay to say 'who cares' especially if it makes you feel like a million big ones.  

I came into work today wearing an old soccer t shirt and a head of terribly messy hair. I changed into a super cute sailor-y top, threw a headband on, pulled my hair into a bun, and am now feeling like a Parisian artist in the 60s. Thats where I'm at today, where are you?

Do any of you still play dress up like I do? Let me know! I want to hear all about it!

Until next time...

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