Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to school, back to cool...

There are a lot of things in life that are important.   Placing pads of butter between each slice of french toast so you get maximum butter coverage, washing your hands before you eat, and saving a document every couple minutes are some of the top ones that come to mind. But, at this time of year, there is one issue that seems to take over: The perfect back-to-school outfit.

Looking at me now, you may ask yourself, 'What does this girl know about fashion? From 1-10 on the fashion scale, she's at level gross'. Yes, you are completely right. However, as casual as I dress, you best believe I took one day in the fashion world super seriously. And that day was the first day of school. 

What in the heavens happens on that first day back to school? I mean, honestly! You get to see all your friends that you were hanging out with all summer, and you get to sit in 'class' and not really do anything. It seems like a silly day to get gussied up for, right? That was a trick question. If you agreed with me, you obviously have never attended a school anywhere, ever. It doesn't matter if you had been hanging out with your friends the day before, you have got to be on your game for the first day of school. I remember feeling that I hadn't seen anyone, and I had to nail my outfit for my grand introduction back. Okay, I may have taken this whole thing way too seriously, so feel free to brush this off, but I know all of you can relate to these feelings. Even if you haven't gotten to feel them for years. 

Now, I did go to a private school my entire life, so the uniform code did impinge a bit on what I could do. No matter! I still had to chose from the perfect top and pair of pants, and the bread and butter of the outfit: the shoes.

I am OBSESSED with sneakers. I love any sort of athletic shoe, so that was usually what I opted for on the first day of school. I literally have a pair of sneakers to go with every outfit. I've got casual athletic shoes, dressier (I really did just say that) athletic shoes, athletic shoe/boot hybrids, and even athletic athletic shoes. I am obsessed. I always say that the shoes tie the whole outfit together. See what I did there? I'll just go ahead and pat myself on the back for that one. But seriously, walking in to school with a fresh, unblemished pair of new shoes had to be the best feeling as a kid. Or as an adult. I still get way too excited to show off a new pair. 

The days of 'first day back' have ended for me (unless I get into grad school. fingers crossed), but I will always be able to recall the feeling of excitement and pride in putting together an outfit. Did anyone else lay theirs out the night before? I would try everything on, and then neatly fold and hang everything back and set it all out so it was ready for the morning. Ah. 

College is about to start back up, and I expect all of you to have that excitement and outfit pride that I know you must have had as a child. I talked about shoes being the most important part of my back-to-school outfit, what was yours? If you answered new notebooks and pens, you are correct in thinking thats the most important part of an outfit. So, good job.

I hope all of you had or will have a great first day back! I'm jealous I don't get to join you in all of your outfit planning endeavors! I will, however, wear a brand new pair of shoes in memory of days gone by.

Until next time...

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