Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Okay. Emma and I have been working super hard to get every last bit of the fall/winter clothes out. And guess what, WE ARE ALMOST FINISHED!!!!!!

I'm not going to do a full blog post, I kind of just want to update you all on what we've put out so far. I may even list a few gems that you all need. Okay. Lets do this.

First off, we have a TON of great black formals in. A few months ago, we went to an estate sale in which the owner's mother had a bunch of items. During her early adulthood, she was an opera singer that traveled to Paris. I'm pretty sure thats all I need to say to explain how BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME some of the dresses we bought from there are. 

Next, we've got some killer knit hats in. Over the past few months we've bought A TON of knit turbans. Maybe the turban hat isn't your style. Let me just say this, they are ultra flattering, and you will look great in one. So, come in and try them all on. If on the off chance you don't think you look good in the turban, bring it to me and I'll try it on for you. I'll look horrible, so this should provide you with not only a good laugh, but the confidence to rock that hat knowing you don't look as bad as me. 

We also have a lot of skirt/jacket suits in. A lot of them are Jackie O style, which is obviously perfect for any event (think Keeneland). Some are just a classic skirt and jacket. Remember, they may be 'too much' when paired together, but think about wearing them separately  Pair that great blazer with jeans and heels, and maybe the skirt with a sheer layered top and boots! Fall is upon us (sort of), so take advantage of the skirt/jacket suit combo! 

Boots. We've already sold a bunch of pairs, but we still have some great ones in. Last year we happened upon three pairs of OUT OF CONTROL Gucci boots. Those bad boys did not last long, so be sure to always come in and check out our ever changing inventory.

Overall, we've got some great new (old) inventory coming out. The cold weather will be here before we know it, so stock up on sweaters and coats right as they are coming out! 

Okay, back to putting out more clothes! See you guys soon!  

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