Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Look of the Week}: Pretty Woman

   I mentioned the movie Pretty Woman last week and now I can't get it off my mind...so I'm dedicating the Look of the Week to the incredible fashion evolution of Vivian Ward! That girl goes from trash to class and I love everything in between. My Mother probably wouldn't want me telling everyone this, but I saw Pretty woman when it first came out. I secretly watched from the stairs as my parents viewed the film, they thought I was sound asleep. It wouldn't have been that big of a problem if I hadn't gone to montessori school the next day and given the full plot summary to all my classmates. Oooooops, sorry for getting you in trouble mom! Needless to say, Pretty Woman has always held a special place in my heart!

   Julia Roberts' character goes through a style transformation in the movie. Her clothing choices are literally a big part of the plot. Let's all take a look at some of Vivian Ward's hits and misses...

 Well there he is, Richard Gere or Edward Lewis in the movie. A lovable, but emotionally suppressed business man that hires a hooker to hangout with so he doesn't have to bother with all that love stuff...we all know how that works out. He's a real dream boat in my book and I love that he played a male prostitute in American Gigolo 10 years before Pretty Woman. His double breasted suits are pretty slick and tacky, but we can forgive him cause he punches Jason Alexander and who doesn't want to do that!?

 Vivian in her "street" clothes. I wish I could wear that blonde wig, and believe me I've tried. My caterpillar eyebrows just won't allow it. Her dress, if we can call it that, RULES. That blue fabric is dyed to look like suede, which is amazing. Like Vivian I wear an entire arm of metal bangles and love drinking champagne while sitting on rose pink wall-to-wall carpeting...we just have sooooo much in common!

 Those ladies and their chignons can go straight to you know where...however, I'd do anything to own that lovely beaded lace turban thing on the mannequin. Why would anyone be mean to Vivian Ward? She has such a beautiful head of hair!

 This outfit took a lot of work to find, but it was worth it! That lace open back is very popular in wedding dresses right now, I wonder if brides know Vivian Ward did it first?

 BOOYAH! Those ladies made a big mistake, HUGE! Look at her new classy neutral ensemble. I could live without the hat, but what are you gonna do, it was 1990. We have several dresses that are similar to this one in stock now! And when you leave with tons of full shopping bags we'll let you twirl around with them!

 A night at the opera. This red dress is as beautiful today as it was 22 years ago when the movie was released. Unfortunately, her hairstyle is not as timeless. Curly tendrils just don't stand the test of time, good thing Edward Lewis doesn't mind face framing pieces.

*Well, no one is perfect I guess. I can't even find a picture from the scene where they go to the park, must be because her outfit is so bad. Her shorts are a close cousin to coolots, and that is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I'm glad she was comfortable on their picnic, but come on! She went from indecent exposure to Grandmother's gauchos in less than a week! We believe you're really a nice girl Vivian, you don't have to wear the entire bolt of fabric to convince us.*

By the end of the film Vivian has found her look. She's more grown up and conservative without looking like she's wearing someone else's clothes. A classic blazer, white t-shirt, and jeans suit her well. She looks lovely when she meets her knight in shinning armor on the fire escape to ride off into the sunset. What a wonderful modern fairy tale...What's your dream, everybody has a dream.

 Our version of the dress she wears to the opera.

 The wig is an homage to the old and new Vivian. The cut of her old wig, and close match to her natural color.


Come in and let us help you recreate Vivian Ward's incredible wordrobe!
I leave you with the lyrics of Roy Orbison's hit single Pretty Woman.



Songwriters: WILLIAMS, A. C.
Pretty woman walkin down the street
Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman, I don't believe you
Youre not the truth
No one could look as good as you

Pretty woman, wont you pardon me
Pretty woman, I couldnt help but see
Pretty woman, and you look lovely as can be
Are you lonely just like me

Pretty woman, stop a while
Pretty woman, talk a while
Pretty woman, give your smile to me
Pretty woman, yeah, yeah, yeah
Pretty woman, look my way
Pretty woman, say you'll stay with me

Cause I need you
Ill treat you right
Come with me baby
Be mine tonight

Pretty woman, don't walk on by
Pretty woman, don't make me cry
Pretty woman, don't walk away

If that's the way it must be, ok
I guess I'll go on home, it's late
Therell be tomorrow night

But wait, what do I see?
Is she walking back to me?
Yeah, she's walking back to me
Pretty woman.

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