Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Picture shows...

I have had a rough week with movies. Firstly, I caved in and started watching 'Gone With the Wind'. Notice I said 'started'. Having read the book, I vowed not to watch the movie for fear of ruining how perfectly I had created all of the images in my head. I've done this with COUNTLESS movies, and I rarely ever go back on my word. But, being curious, and needing to get a quick Clark Gable fix, I went for it. I know this movie is probably fantastic. I also know that I should have loved it. But, and pardon my language here, what the hell did they do to make me hate the movie so much?

The more I thought about it, I realized my main issue with books becoming movies is the whole time issue. It always blows my mind (which isn't that hard to do, admittedly), that what took me an hour of reading to get to, can happen within the first 15 minutes of the movie. I suppose this factor really set me off during 'Gone With the Wind'. I barely even knew Scarlett at this point, and I was already supposed to feel some sort of emotion for her during all the scenes with her beaus. Listen, that's just not happening. Maybe its asking too much, but why can't a movie be a few extra hours long so that nothing is missed? Some of you have to agree with me on this. BBC's 'Pride and Prejudice' is one of the best examples that comes to mind. All it takes is a little extra time, and we all have a ton of extra satisfaction from getting the real deal. I won't harp on this subject too long, I just had to get my frustration out. Wait. Sorry. One last thing. In regard to the actor who played Ashley in 'Gone With the Wind'. I built him up to be the most handsome man on the entire planet, and I probably ruined his character by doing so. What I saw on screen was nowhere near what I had created in my head, and it made me sort of hate everything in my entire life. Okay. Moving on. 

Next came 'Witness for the Prosecution'. After having such a disappointment with 'Gone With the Wind', I went for something a little harder, grittier, and most importantly, something that I had not read and formed opinions on. In classic Kate fashion, I passed out during the first 40 minutes, but woke up the next day just dying to finish the movie. After work, I rushed home to finish that sucker, and boy oh boy, I wasn't let down. I won't get into it, but I loved this movie. So much. And I loved the leather door inside the barrister's office. Not saying the acting wasn't worth mentioning, it was, its just that the door was beyond fabulous. Needless to say, this movie erased my heartache and annoyance that came along with my watching of 'Gone With the Wind'. 

'Gilda' was next. The version I have is dubbed in Spanish, and I couldn't find out how to turn English subtitles on, so, it goes without saying that I spent 20 minutes repeating everything I heard in the best accent I could muster, and then retreated to another movie. Sadly, this was the most fun I've had in a long time. Just kidding, I'm not sad about it. 

Fast forward to last night. Let me first say, how have I never seen 'Sunset Boulevard'? In my head, I think I thought it was going to be a typical feminine movie, same old same love story, you know the kind. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (I will always think of that episode of Seinfeld when I say that line). So last night,feeling like I wanted to be swept away in a classic 1950s love story, i play this bad boy. Okay. So, I'm a total idiot. I guess I should have maybe read a bit about the movie, seeing as how I didn't even know the plot. I am so glad, SO GLAD, I decided to watch this movie. It reaches a depth and darkness that is just absolutely beautiful, and the story, to me, just can't be beat. The house in the movie is beyond words, as are the outfits. Every single little thing is perfectly sad and beautiful. Which, sometimes, is exactly how I like my movies. In one particular scene, Norma hosts a grand party for just herself and Joe. The sadness and desperation of her love is palpable. This, set against the lush backdrop of her mansion, is enough to make my heart hurt. And it did. God, I love this movie. 

So, theres that. Do any of you feel disappointed by movies based off of books? Perhaps I'm too critical. I am hesitant to see both 'Anna Karenina' AND 'The Great Gatsby', though I want nothing more since I loved both of those books so much. What are some movies that you all have watched that shocked you? Have any of you ever gone into a movie thinking you were seeing one thing, and ended up seeing another like I did with 'Sunset Boulevard'? I wanna know all about it!

Also, I've decided to give 'Gone With the Wind' one more try. Just one. I'll keep you updated.

Until next time...

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