Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vintage DIY: The Best Vest

Kate and I are finally nearing the end of our project of switching out all the summer clothes to winter.  In the midst of all this, I came across our ever-growing collection of vests: mostly knit sweater vests with a few others mixed in. At first I cringed at the thought of having so many, thinking that no one can ever look stylish in these dowdy things.  So I decided to do some research to find if there is any fashionable way to pull off these pieces, and was pleasantly surprised with all the great ideas I found!  Most of us seem to be in the mindset that our only option is to just pair a plain looking, snug-fitting shirt or blouse under our vest.  But with all the different layering options for fall and winter, there are so many better, and more flattering, takes on wearing a vest- take a look at some of my favorites below:
my all-time favorite: the fur vest, layered over a tweed jacket and embellished with a brooch!  Love the idea of wearing a vest over heavier pieces like a blazer or jacket.

A denim vest can easily transition from summer to fall.  Wear it over a chunky sweater or sweatshirt, or even a knit dress.

casual meets glamourous: denim jacket topped with a fur vest, all over a gorgeous sequin dress.

wear a sweater vest as a top under a cardigan or blazer

I love vests with dresses! here's a fabulous sequined vest over a beautiful floral number topped with a knit cardigan. My favorite part are the bright tights and heels!

fur vest over a chunky knit over a mini

These heavy wool vests (basically like a long blazer without sleeves) are perfect for menswear looks and have a great 80s vibe.

Give your puffy vest a super preppy look by layering it with chambray and wool sweaters.

denim vest + chunky sweater

Girly and sophisticated- try a knit vest over a flowy, sheer dress.

SEQUIN vest (we have a few of these in the store!)- keep everything else clean and simple with this look.
Wear an over sized sweater vest as a tunic with skinnies or leggings.

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