Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vintage DIY: Fall Beauty Trends

It's official, we're already in fall fashion mode here at Street Scene.  Despite the weather still being quite toasty and perfectly sunny and bright, we're already ready to throw on a fur, pile on the layers, and grab a piping hot apple cider.  Even if it's still a little too warm for us to debut our fall fashions to the world, we can always begin to mix in some fall beauty trends to tide us over.  Read on to learn everything you need for your fall beauty regimen.

MAKEUP:  the Eyes have it

If you are loving the cobalt blue trend for fall, here's a way to step it up a notch.  Blue eye makeup was EVERYWHERE on runways this fall.  While you may think this look is a little bit much for you (or a little too 80's reminiscent), take a look below at some ways to try out the look for an updated fall face.
A simple clean face with bright blue mascara.  Try the mascara on just the top lashes for a more subdued look.
The 60s winged eye look is so popular this season, so why not try it with a pop of blue? Keep the rest of your eye makeup neutral so it doesn't look too clownish.
Here's an easy way to try the blue trend that's not too harsh.  Go for a more subdued light blue or turquoise colors and blend outwards for a shimmery smoky eye look.
All black with a nude lip and more blue mascara!

 MAKEUP: feelin' Cheeky

This is one of my favorite looks because I think it would look so perfect with just about any outfit, no matter how dressy or casual.  It’s all about creating the perfect rosy, dewy cheek and leaving everything else very simple.  The key is to begin with a face primer to create glowing, perfect-looking skin.  There are many options from the drugstore staples to more expensive department store brands, but from my experience this is not an item you need to splurge on, because they all work just about the same.   Next, top with tinted moisturizer for some light coverage.  Finally choose your blush, you may choose a more pink-based shade or coral-based depending on what is most flattering to your skin tone.   Cream blushes best create that dewy look, but if you prefer powder those will also work fine.  End with a pale lip-gloss, a bit of mascara, and some highlighter in the corners and edge of your eyes, and you’re ready to go!
add a darker lip for a super girly look!
perfect flushed cheek and a little gold highlight on the eyes
pink and rosy with matching lips
a perfect nightime look with more dramatic eyes and lips

MAKEUP: the Crimson pout
Crimson, burgundy, scarlet, wine,  ruby, whatever you wish to call it, deep red is THE color of the season, and there’s no better place to showcase it than on your lips! Aim for a very neutral face without a lot of blush, you don’t want two different rosy shades competing so close together.  Add a smoky eye for a more dramatic nighttime look, or keep everything clean and fresh for a sweet everyday version. 
porcelain skin, naked eyes, this one is really all about the lips.
love this crimson ombre lip from YSL
heavy black mascara looks perfect with the dark lip

a little mascara and perfect wine colored lips
light lavender eyeshadow complements dark lips perfectly

NAILS: Metal magnetism
Our new favorite past time at Street Scene is comparing our polishes and latest nail trends.  For fall you can’t go wrong with any metallic polishes.  Try layering glitters, mattes, and glossy shades for a bold new look.  You can even mix metallics with other bright colors.  If you love the patterns and details but have a hard time making them neatly on your own, try out a nail polish pen, stickers, or stencils. 
love this mix of matte and shiny
white, black, gold chevron!

black base with gold glitter tips
french mani in black
french mani in silver

Chanel fall 2012 inspired hot pink with gold metallic base

Chanel fall 2012 inspired black with metallic base

HAIR: textbook Tresses
The go-to hairstyle this fall: a messier, undone version of a 40s school girl style.  Embellishments are also huge in the upcoming season, and not just in clothing, but accessories as well.  The simplicity of this hairstyle allows for infinite accessorizing, from charming barrettes to intricate headbands and sweet bows.   One of my favorite fall trends is stacked bobbypins.  These look super cute with simple updos or undone waves.  Since I am a huge proponent of the sock bun, I am also very excited to adorn my bun with cute bows for fall and winter.  You can use small or large bows in prints or solids on the side, top, or underneath your updo.
easy and undone with a little retro vibe
sock bun meets schoolgirl!
add a braid leading to your bun for extra detail
leopard is always great for fall!
stacked bobbypins with an undone updo

schoolgirl chic
bobbypins + braided updo

messy faux bob + amazing detailed barette
wrap your sock bun with a vintage scarf! Will look adorable with boots and sweaters!

more 40s style glamour

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