Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage DIY: Perfect the Pendant!

My latest weekend project included something I have wanted to tackle for a while: lighting.  I had so many ideas for neat shades and lights, but I am clueless when it comes to electrical ins-and-outs.  I had this old black metal basket that I knew would make an awesome light for above my kitchen table. Now I just needed to figure out a VERY easy way for me to convert this into a light with zero electrical knowledge.  Thankfully I found a pendant light kit at Lowe's for $15 that included everything I needed! (They also offer pendant kits for rewiring that run around $7-9) The kit included the chain (they have several color choices), light fixture with plug, and hanging materials.  The end of the light fixture where the bulb screws in was bright white, and since you were going to see it, I spray painted it gold to match my chain.  Using wire cutters and pliers I worked with the chain so it would balance the basket properly for the light to simply drop in the middle.  Next I put the hooks in the ceiling with anchors, which was all included in the kit.  I also purchased a vintage-style bulb from Lowe's to match the look of the light.  Finally I screwed in the bulb, plugged in the light, and voila!  This was so easy that I am planning on making a lot more pendant lights in the future! The great thing about these plug-in options is that you can always move them around, and since I love to rearrange (a lot), that is very necessary for me!  Check out more amazing ideas for DIY pendant lights below and perhaps you would like to try one too!

make your own shades with sweet laces, doilies, and trims!

Glass Decanter pendant lights!

Umbrella pendants! perfect for parties!

Tea cup pendants- also great for a kitchen!

Purchase a cheap barrel shade and attach materials to it -this shade is made from old door plates!

Another basket idea- perfect for a beach house!

ruler barrel shade- so cute in an office/studio

This was the inspiration for my light!

Cut a cheap or damaged globe in half = a perfect shade!

Birdcage pendant! So many possibilities- we use ours to hang jewelry here at Street Scene!

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