Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Festivals...

I know that my contributions to this blog are usually just ramblings about my obsessions or how all I do is wear sweatpants, but I just want to go ahead and preface this post by telling you this one will be no different. 

Lets get down to business. Fall is swiftly approaching. To me, nothing beats autumn. NOTHING. I'm sure I'll say this same thing at some other point about something completely different. For now, however, I mean this passionately. 

Fall means a lot of things for me. Fish frys (fries?), running in tights (extreme wedgies), and getting to wear boots are just a few of the things that super excite me. But one thing trumps all: Fall festivals.

If you know me at all, you know that I live for fall festivals. Some people were born to be doctors, teachers, volunteers. I was born to go to fall festivals. One of my proudest moments was about three years ago when I successfully went to two different festivals in two different towns AND ingested the following: two full funnel cakes, a meat kabob, a vegetable kabob, lemonades and sodas, and countless other treats. All I'm saying is that whatever it is, I'm doing it right. 

I usually just happen upon random street festivals. I think I just have a sixth sense for them. But this year I am not taking any chances. I am literally going to map out an itinerary so that I do not miss ANY! I'm going to let you all in on some of my favorite farms/fall festivals so that you all can have as much fun as I do every year! 

First off, my favorite festival is the one I've been going to the longest: Bi-Water Farm's Autumnfest. Located in Georgetown, this festival runs September 15th-October 31st. This pretty much means you need to visit at least five times. There is just so much to do here! From tractor rides, to corn mazes, to haunted houses and a goat village, you will not be let down. Food wise, I will go ahead and recommend getting the cheeseburger. I'm not sure if its even really that good, but something about the crisp fall air just begs you to get one. Or, if you're me, you'll get two. So delicious. Also, the cut up apple with caramel on the side is great. Tell them Kate sent you. They have no idea who I am.

Next is Huber's. Huber's is located in Starlight, Indiana, and is completely worth the trip. Its really just about 20 minutes or so from Louisville, so its not that big of a trip commitment. Okay, this place is a magical wonderland. They have a bunch of animals, you can pick your own fruits when in season, they make their own wine. The list goes on and on. I always end up buying something when I go there. Too much fun. 

The Midway Fall Festival. This year, it will be held on September 15th and 16th. There is usually a super small petting zoo, and I can guarantee that at any point, someone will be plucking a banjo. This festival is pretty small, but really fun. Plus, Midway is just so cute. Go to this one for sure!

The Festival of the Horse will be held in Georgetown this October 5th-7th. DO NOT MISS THIS. It is so much fun. They have events in different parts of the city, which is pretty cool. I ended up driving out to some random barn last time, and I got to pet about 23,245,245 horses (actual number), which is always what I want to be doing at a Fall Festival. They even have a chili cook off at this one. If that doesn't lure you in, I just don't know what to say.

Harvest Homecoming. This one is in New Albany, Indiana, and is closer than Huber's. Its great, its spread out over days, and they have a parade. Don't forget to check this one out. 

Those are just a few of the festivals and farms I like to visit. But remember, there is nothing like a school/church fish fry. Hit all of those bad boys up! I think its super fun to drive to surrounding counties and go to a fish fry. The food is really never all that great, but dang, who doesn't love wearing a sweater and boots and eating treats on bales of hay? All this talk about these festivals has just got me so excited to make my rounds this year! I'm just dying to pick my pumpkin and drink cider and pet all the goats in the world.

Are there any festivals you all like to go to? Tell me about them! Seriously, tell me about them so I can add them to my list! I'M SO SERIOUS! Are any of you fall festival nuts like me? 

I hope to hear back from how much fun all of you had this fall on your outings. Until next time...

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