Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Flip Debut!

 Well we've been hard at work the last week or so, completely redoing every part of the store for fall!  Our rooms this fall include a Moroccan themed room, Halloween venue, Cowboy and Indian Southwestern set-up, and a few other fun small spaces.  There is SO much great new stuff, you have to come by in person to even begin to see it all.  Until then here is a small preview of the latest spaces:

Cowboy and Indian Southwestern
Anchored by a pretty amazing dining set including a massive table and chairs, hutch, AND sideboard, as well as this awesome 40's red and wooden chair and sofa, this space is just too perfect for fall.  We've mixed some great southwestern patterns with rich, dark woods and heavy fabrics.  We've also got TONS of fun little Cowboy and Indian trinkets like a tee-pee lamp, Indian cookie jar, cute new bandanas, tablecloths, and so much more!

Moroccan Room
This room is all about the jewel tones.  We've got some really beautiful patterned pillows, floor cushions, panels, and even a velvet bedspread!  Tons of gold pendant lights decorate the space, as well as colored glass and gold mirrors. When you stop in, be sure to check out our cute elephant ring dishes and multi-colored snake bracelets!


Halloween Space
If you're in the mood to decorate for the upcoming holiday, stop by and check out our Spooky decor and get a little inspiration.  We've got tons of great items for your next costume party or Halloween get-together!

 All the rest...

We've got this ultra-retro bedroom set in the lingerie room now.  The set is $599 and includes the full headboard (that lights up), 2 nightstands, and 2 dressers!  
Pip Studio dishes will make a great gift for the Holidays- all priced individually so you can mix and match!
Pip Studio dishware
A cute little blonde corner desk set up by the counter! a steal at only $69!


  1. I love the southwestern room!! Can you tell me how much the teepee lamp & male Indian figurine are? I love them both!!

  2. Hey there! The teepee lamp is $12 and the figurine is $18! Hope you can stop by to check them out!