Friday, September 7, 2012


I have something to admit...I've never been to a UK football game and I've only gone to a one UK basketball game. I know it's crazy, especially since I was raised by two University of Kentucky alums here in Lexington and I myself am a wildcat! It mostly comes down to the fact that I don't like standing in lines or camping on sidewalks, which you sort of have to do to get those student tickets. Even though my game attendance is low it doesn't mean I don't have school spirit! This time of year, as the air cools, I will enjoy hearing the siren from my downtown apartment when UK makes a touchdown...the traffic, not so much.
This year, make sure to stop by Street Scene to check out some of the great vintage UK items we have for your tailgating needs!

My PapPaw was on the University of Kentucky's football team in 1945. He also was on the track team and received a letter for his participation. The above picture is of his letterman sweater that still fits my 86 year old Paps! When I called him today to ask him about his football career he wanted to make sure I didn't misrepresent him as a star player. Although, his number is now retired because UK's pride and joy Tim Couch went on to wear his #2 jersey! His football picture still sits on my grandmother's vanity. I love that picture so much and so did she. Trust me, he was tall dark and handsome...major HUNK!

Now for items we have in the store...

 Any Wildcat fan would want these Kentucky All American Glasses! They list all of UK's All American football and basketball players until 1966. Who wouldn't be proud to serve some bourbon cocktails in these collector items!?!

 Vintage UK sweater/sweatshirt! Comfy and cozy for those chilly nights cheering on your team.
Top notch letterman's jacket. It doesn't have any patches, so you can add your own! This one is super old and super cool!
Get ready for the cold with this awesome blue and white tam! Also, add some animal print to your UK look! My family always wears these incredible furry wildcat pins on game day, an unexpected way to show your support!
UK blue poncho...need I say more?
If you're like my PapPaw and you watch the game on tv, but listen to it on the radio, come get this neato little guy!
Well sport fans, hope we have a great season! Come see us soon!

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