Saturday, September 15, 2012

{Look of the Week}: Sugary Sweaters and Skirts

Have you been outside lately? It's perfect. It's warm enough to keep you cozy in the sunshine, yet chilly enough to persuade you to break out your favorite sweater. Everyone has their own way of welcoming Fall fashions, and there is no wrong way to celebrate. Personally, I'm a sucker for sweaters and cardigans with skirts. I'm talking little sweet skirts with tights and boots like you'd picture an English school girl wearing in winter. Now I want you to take that adorable image and make it even cuter by layering wooly scarves and mittens and hats! 


Keep in mind: you can never be too cute. I'm serious!
Take for example this kitty cat sweater:

No no no, I'm sorry. Wrong cat sweater (though you have to admit, that cat is pulling it off).
I'm talking about this one:
That is seriously one of the best sweaters I've ever seen. Please, wear this with tights and slouchy boots. Don't forget to find either a deep orange or brown mini, and make sure your hair falling out of your messy bun. Follow these simple instructions, and you'll take the cake for most adorable person to ever exist.

While we don't have this specific sweater in store, we do have racks upon racks of crazy awesome vintage pieces that are sure to warm your heart. I took the liberty of picking out a few sweater/skirt combos that I, myself, would absolutely kill to wear. 
Look at how sweet our mannequin looks with her soft curls falling on her warm scarf!
Everything about this look screams girly and comfy to me, and I'm currently kicking myself for not wearing this exact outfit as we speak. And the muff? Unreal.

Here's a closer look at our table of autumn goodies:

You can mix this sugary sweet look with boots to give it a slight edge, or maybe you'd like to add a unique pin or brooch to make you look a little more standout. 
 Like I said earlier, there is no wrong way to welcome Fall! What styles do you like to break out once the leaves start to turn?

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