Saturday, September 29, 2012

Look of the Week: {The Call to Fall}

     Happy Tailgating Season! Whether you're a Lexingtonian, born and bred, or a bluegrass transplant, chances are you're well aware of the tailgating culture at the University of Kentucky. In fact, I'd guess that you've participated in such festivities! I've personally been unable to attend in the past due to the expense, but you can bet your cowboy boots that I'm at home grilling hotdogs and screaming at the television like a fool. The other thing you can be sure of? That I'm decked out in Kentucky Blue. Yeah, I didn't make a mistake typing that, it's supposed to be capitalized. Pretty sure there's a copyright or trademark on there somewhere. Regardless of legal ownership, it's basic knowledge that all Kentuckians look incredible in Kentucky Blue with a grilling utensil in hand. So if you're celebrating the Cats' soon-to-be win (well.... if we're lucky) at home or next to big truck, you'd better be ready to look your best. The girls here at Street Scene are ready to help you do just that. 

     Take a peek at our lovely mannequin! She's sporting (did you see what I did there?) a fantastic blue mini that's cinched at the waist with a thin white belt. She added a simple bracelet and a cozy wool scarf to complete her look. I would definitely pair this with tights in order to keep warm, but hey! The dress is basic and versatile, so you could add or subtract anything you wanted and you'd still look tailgate ready.

     As you can see, we have a lot of blue and white pieces in at the moment, so feel free to come in and try them on to create your own Commonwealth-cute outfit.

     Definitely check out our white and blue jewelry while you're in the store. We have tons of unique pieces that are guaranteed to make you grin as if you just heard "first down....Kentucky!", even if we did fumble on that last play. 

     Look at these boots. Look at them. No UK outfit is complete without the proper footwear, and let me tell you, we have any and every boot you could ever wish for. Seriously, check them out. 

    Before I finish up, I just wanted to share this photograph that was taken after the first game of the season. Yup, that's Coach Cal. The only thing that could make this photo any better is if you could see what skirt I'm wearing! It's a handmade Kentucky Football wrap skirt with cut out Wildcats in UK gear all around the bottom. It's unreal. Anyway, even if you're not a huge football supporter, at least we can all agree that basketball season is worth the wait. 
    Well, I'd better wind down this blog for now and go help Maggie close up for the night so that we can get out before the game starts. I'd better see you all there!

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