Friday, September 21, 2012

{Look of the Week}: Fall to the Max

    Well I have just been so proud of everyone this summer...we finally embraced the maxi skirt! I have loved long dresses and skirts for years and it's been maxi skirt heaven lately, there are so many to choose from!! I just love the drama of a long skirt following behind me as I walk down the street. I also love them because strangely enough I think they make me look taller. Who doesn't want to look taller? I would like to encourage everyone to keep up the good work, don't leave you're maxi's behind just because summer is over. Come into Street Scene and get yourself one or several of the incredible cold weather maxi skirts we have to choose from! And just think when you're freezing this winter you can hide long john's under your maxi like I do! You'll look super cute and no one has to know how warm you are!


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