Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi. My name is Kate Johns and its been almost two months since my last vacation. 

Of course, this will be remedied, since I've got a little something planned for early October. WHY IS OCTOBER SO FAR AWAY?! Really, for as much of a homebody as I am, I sure can't stand to be home for that long. What is it that inspires a wanderlust in some people? 

I know its silly, but I can remember most of my 'aha' moments. The exact moment I fell in love with architecture, the moment I realized that history was the coolest thing ever, the moment when I realized I had an extreme fear of people throwing up. You know, ALL of the most important moments of your life.  I think the reason I remember them so well, is that they were just all that impactful. If you know me, you know that I'm either 200 percent into something, or not at all. So, when I like something, the world ends for just a second and I get to live in whatever wonderful fantasy I'm making up in my head.

My love for travel came about only just a few years ago. It all started when my friend Kyle and I decided we would go to Chicago for a fun bike trip. Nothing super special happened on the trip (except that I was chosen to dance on stage for the Flaming Lips, you know, the usual), but something was sparked in me that made me feel young, free, and completely at the hands of the world. And I still feel this way when I head to another place, even if I've been there a million times. A lot of times, I envy those who I deem as adult. You know the kind, those who can do things and shield their excitement and know directions and do all of those adult things that I still somehow haven't mastered yet.  But when I travel, I am thankful to still have my child-like curiosity and pee-your-pants excitement, and a boyfriend that can read a map better than anyone I know.Seriously. I'm talking, he can look at a map for less than a minute and know exactly which next 25 turns we need to take. What a gift.

I often times sit and think about how other people feel about travel and exploring new cities. I wonder if they do the same sorts of things I do, and if each city evokes in them feelings of its past. When I travel to Chicago, I often times pretend its the 1890s. When I go to New York, its the 1940s, LA its the 1930s, of course. Not to say I can't enjoy the city in present time, this just happens. Every time. You know how people always say, 'I was born in the wrong decade' and then they lament how they never got a chance to see the Beatles play or some other activity? Well, I'm more of a glutton than them. I really needed to be born 200 years in the future so I could use my time machine to visit every decade ever and explore. I need it all! So yes, technically I am one of those 'wrong decade' declarers. Ugh. Don't tell anyone.

I spend a lot of time reading the backs of postcards, learning about how people spoke of their vacation. I also get lost in looking at pictures of old airplanes (even though I hate them to death), trains, and cruise liners. Travel seems so different from decade to decade, but when i read these postcards, the excitement and descriptions of places that people have only just begun to explore is just the same as it is today. And that makes me very very happy.

I hope that you all take some time for yourselves and go explore somewhere new, or even explore somewhere you've been a million times. I'm going to leave you all with some pictures from Qantas Airlines, and Australian company. Its so interesting to check out how airplane travel has evolved over time! Looking at these interiors makes me want to actually get on an airplane! Just kidding, I'd rather sit in an ice bath and watch 'Dirty Dancing' on repeat. I hate airplanes, they are the devil's transportation.

Until next time...

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Pucci designed the uniforms for this airline. Check out that last picture. Dying.

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