Friday, September 28, 2012

Tune In.

         I have a couple of dream jobs (besides my current job, which is pretty darn cool). The list includes, but is not limited to; set designer, album cover artist, personal shopper, professional liturgical dancer, jingle writer, radio personality, and Foley artist. I will focus the field to my love of radio and Foley artistry for today's conversation.
   I love the radio. There's pretty much nothing I don't like about listening to the radio unless it's just a bad station, which are easy to avoid. I take turns listening to Democracy Now on WRFL or the Steve Harvey morning show on 107.9 The BEAT every day on my way to work. There's nothing better than some good talk radio in the morning. When they do the "Strawberry Letter" on the Steve Harvey show it makes my day. And they also play some great songs that I know I would have missed out on without their guidance such as Sista Big Bone by Anthony Hamilton or R. Kelly's latest hit Share My Love. Isn't it great when you hear a song on the radio that you've never heard before? Or when they play a song you totally forgot about? Or when they play a song that's so perfect for your mood it makes you cry? Yeah, me too. It's always fun to listen to WRFL when some weird block comes on and you make yourself listen to the German Electronica just so you can say you have. Oh, and I can't leave out my very favorite part of radio...the commercials! Rod Hatfield Chevrolet has a great new jingle/rap that get's stuck in my head all the time (it's called "Got it Good"). I love screeching "It can only be JARED'S" then whispering "the galleria of jewelry". And I wait patiently for that special time of year when they start playing the commercials for Lexington's Rolex Three Day Event, just listen for it, you won't be disappointed. But what I really, really love are old timey radio serials. This is the medium that combines two of my dream jobs into one SUPER dream job! If I could only be the person making those faux footsteps I would die a happy woman. A couple fellow Foley arts enthusiasts and I have made a couple of are own creepy serials I plan on shopping around for career opportunities. I see a bright future for us!!  If you've never listened to one please take the time to listen to this awesome example I found...I would be the one making all the background noises with unusual objects, doesn't that sound incredible!?! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I encourage everyone to stop that old CD that you've been playing on repeat and go on a radio adventure!!

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