Sunday, October 14, 2012

{Look of the Week}: Tarts and Vicars

    Sometimes all it takes is falling in love with one piece of clothing or accessory to create an entire look or even a new wardrobe! That said, I'm obsessed with this Victorian embellished collar we just got in! All I can do is day dream about all the ways I would like to wear it. It has a strong "member  of the clergy" thing going on, so it immediately made me think of the traditional British costume party known as "tarts and vicars". A Tarts and Vicars party is where you are asked to dress up as either a Tart (prostitute, rentboy, concubine, “woman of loose morals”, etc. etc.) or a Vicar (priest, druid, witch doctor, The Pope, or some other religious figure). Even though this party theme is traditionally hosted around Easter, why not try it out for Halloween? Or maybe just work some dramatic Gothic pieces into your everyday wardrobe?

The famous scene from Bridget Jones's Diary when she arrives at what she thought was a Tarts and Vicars party only to find out the theme was canceled...oooops.
Well this Polaroid from the 70's just seals the deal. Who doesn't want to be at that party?
This is the collar that started it all. Sorry the picture's didn't turn out, but you can see the Popeish appeal.

I might have to host a party just so I get an opportunity to wear this thing. It is so beautiful and creepy, it's making me want to change my whole look. I've tried a lot of styles, but never done the dark mysterious thing...I think it's time to go a little goth.

Even Kim Kardashian's doing it. Black lipstick, here I come.

I would also like for my hair to look like this. I tried to convince my friends mom to dye my hair grey and frost it purple like my favorite TV evangelist. She wouldn't do it for me when I was in high school because she was afraid it would ruin my hair...I still want it.

Jan Crouch is a style icon of mine. Here she's shown wearing crushed velvet, a classic Gothic fabric. Cleary they get to attend a Tart and Vicar party everyday of the year, must be awesome!
Let's all try it!?!

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