Saturday, October 20, 2012

{Look of the Week}: Trust Rust.

    Rust is one of my absolute favorite Fall colors. The warm hue is flattering on any and all skin tones, even see-through pale ones like my own! How could I not be in love with it? Anyway, here at Street Scene we have a variety of rust pieces to choose from, and plenty more items to compliment the Autumn-ready tone.

     I know I've probably said this one hundred times already, but there's nothing more perfect to me than a cozy sweater and skirt with tights and boots. It's an incredibly simple look that's easy to put together without any major hassle when you're in a rush. Heck, I'm wearing this exact outfit as I type (and most likely as you read this). Unfortunately for me, my current outfit is lacking rust. The skirt has a reddish tint, but it doesn't quite compare to the color of this sweater here. 

     Even if you're not a big fan of rust like me, there are plenty of other similar shades that can help warm up a brown skirt or sweater. Take maroon for example! The hint of purple can cozy up any outfit you throw together. I picked out a few pieces that we have in store that fall into this color scheme.

Take a closer look at the jacket on the far right: 

I know you know that it's fantastic, but I just wanted to tell you again. The gold details on the pockets make this perfect for a chilly day at the races. If you can't tell from the poor lighting in the photo, the two colors on the pockets are polo green and -you guessed it-
rust! Just take a moment to imagine how awesome this is going to look with your favorite rust boots and a polo green sweater beneath. 

Don't forget to come in store to try on these pieces and hunt for more fall must-haves. 


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