Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The best kind of halloween costume...

Lately I have become obsessed with looking at old black and white Halloween photos from the past.  I hate how today everyone goes out to Walmart or the Party store and pays a fortune for the most cheaply made and usually tacky costumes.  Back in the day most costumes were handmade and on a budget, requiring serious creativity and ingenuity!  The most fun part about looking through these old photos is trying to decipher what in the world these kids are dressed up as!  It looks as if a lot of moms just cut some holes in a sheet and threw a mask on the kid, while others went all out with a 5-piece outfit matching makeup, hats, and accessories.  I don't think these costumes and masks were supposed to be creepy at the time, but now looking at them in these grainy black and white photos- they are terrifying!  Take a look at the collection of photos below and you'll see what I mean, and maybe even get a little inspiration for your own Halloween costume! I've also included a few personal photos of homemade Halloween costumes from my childhood (keep in mind my mom is not quite as creative as I am, but she still did pretty good!)
My best friend Bailey and I as a witch and cat when we were around 3 years old.   I did not let go of her cat tail all night!

When we were about 5 years old, Bailey and I were dalmatians. "101 Dalmatians" had just been re released in theaters and it was our favorite movie!  Our moms made the costumes for us and put our hair in dog ear pig tails.  We argued for months over who would wear the red collar and who would wear the blue!

Here's my sister and I as genies! The outfits were actually pajamas and my mom added sashes to them and made a sparkly accessory for our ponytails!
a skeleton, the creepiest Uncle Sam of all time, and ....can you guess the others?
Pretty witch bobbing for apples at a Halloween carnival!

two robots??!
Apparently these 2 skeletons loved their costumes so much that they wore them into November
the cutest little Halloween party of all time

I wish the towns still shut down like this for trick or treating

The funniest of all- 2 mountain men!?

You can tell the 3 brothers on the right whose mom made them all dress up as  coordinating clowns hate their costumes more than anyone.

adorable princes and princesses- i think i spot a Snow White and Alice in there!

sweet little Indian with the cutest treat bag!

that's definitely a mop wig on that witch- costume complete with decorated bike and black cat!

One of my favorites- this is a photo of four contestants in the Halloween Slick Chick beauty contest in Anaheim, Calif., 1947

Everyone wore their costumes to school!

bunny, astronaut, scuba diver, clown, and a few mystery characters?!

the cutest group of devils ever!

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