Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vintage DIY: Pretty Paper Projects

We recently started carrying these beautiful Cavallini wrapping papers in the store with amazing vintage inspired prints.  These are originally meant to be wrapping papers but many customers are buying them to frame, or hang on their walls as posters.  At just $3.99 each, these papers are the perfect way to transform a room on a budget, or create a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift.  Check out some of the ideas I have come up with below, then come in to stock up on your favorite pretty papers!
Below is a selection of some of the Cavallini papers we carry now- $3.99 each:
a pretty menagerie of bird prints makes amazing wallpaper
Cover the drawers of a dresser and paint the outside a coordinating color!

Create personalized gifts by modge-podging papers onto clipboards, notebooks, or journals!
Make the cutest shelves around by modge-podging papers onto old crates or drawers and hanging them on the wall!

By strategically cutting and placing your papers you can create a continuous pattern for a striking piece of furniture!

A collection of framed prints is the perfect centerpiece of any room!

Small spaces like bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with covering the entire walls with mismatched papers!

Cover the top of a table with your favorite paper.  You can top it with plexi-glass or glass to protect it.

A collection of different maps looks amazing in an office or bedroom!

Cover the INSIDE of your drawers for the most beautiful surprise!

The inside of a pantry, or kitchen cabinets are other great places to cover with paper! The mushroom print would be perfect!

Look for little nooks behind shelves, whether its built into your wall or part of a piece of furniture.  These areas look great with a pretty paper backdrop!

Cover the inside of a wardrobe or armoire with papers- this would also look amazing inside a tv cabinet!

No frame needed! Simply hang the paper on the wall and use moldings to create a custom frame around your papers!

Cover your closet doors with paper!
Adorable use of old drawers as shelving units! They covered the inside of each drawer with a different patterned paper!

The most AMAZING bathroom using all mismatched botanical and animal prints to cover the walls!

Dress up your dressing room or closet by creating a patterned backdrop behind shelves with papers.
A little nook in a laundry room looks darling covered in sweet floral paper!

Create your own custom fireplace screen or room divider by covering it with your favorite patterned paper!

An old door becomes a piece of art when its decorated with pretty papers and leaned up against a wall!

Create custom window treatments by covering wood valances with your favorite papers!

Don't forget about stairs! The vertical part of your staircase won't get much wear and tear, so you can decorate it with beautiful patterns!

****We TOTALLY slipped up on the pricing yesterday! The cost of the Cavallini papers is $3.99 each. Sorry about the mix up!****

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