Thursday, October 4, 2012

When it rains, you know the rest...

Okay. So, today we are going to talk about technology, since thats the only thing that has been on my mind for the past few days.

In the past week, my iphone, ipod, and macbook have broken. The only reason I let you all know the makes of each was so that you realize how expensive the next few weeks of my life are going to be. (Someone please feel badly for me). I've been trying to be super positive about everything, but honestly, thats been pretty hard. Luckily I have a boyfriend that knows how to remedy the situation: buying me two bags of Hawaiian rolls and a gallon of pineapple banana juice. Easy fix.

This whole technology melt-down got me thinking, why does my life feel like its stopped when all of my toys are gone?  Thats really stupid, right? Yes and no. Computers really have become so integrated in our everyday life that, yes, when something happens, we sort of feel lost. I'm not even above saying that being computer-less has made me ultra depressed and kind of grumpy. Of course I am thankful for the fact that this isn't 1950. My computer does not weigh 40 tons, and did not cost 45,000. Seriously. Those are the stats for this particular computer below.There. That made me feel better. Lets keep going.

Check out this bad boy. This computer cost 250,000 in 1952 dollars. Shew. I can safely say that If this broke, there is no way I would be replacing it. Just kidding, I'm so dependent on technology, I'd sell a kidney to fix it.  This photograph below was taken in 1954, and the woman you see here is Miss Faith Lillibridge, working away in Columbia University's Watson Lab in New York. I have no idea what she is doing, but dang, it looks important. I'm pretty sure thats what I look like when I'm eating Doritos and playing Galaga on my computer. Thats probably what she was doing.

And what about all of our phones? I remember my first phone, it was a super chunky Nokia. I remember immediately getting a union jack phone cover for it, and then downloading ELO's 'Don't Bring Me Down' as my ringtone. As a 13 year old, these seemed like the only appropriate things to do. Pretty sure I was onto something. Who knows. On a side note, my phone case is now plain black, and my ringtone is the stock harp music. I'm old. But check out these cell phones! This first picture is from the early 90s, and this guy is showing off this sleek new model.

And, just because you needed to see this, a little Zack Morris for your Thursday. Seriously. How does he not only look exactly the same, but also make that style look just as good as it did in the 90s? Its a mystery. As is that phone. So much for putting that thing in my back pocket. 


 And so it goes. I know firsthand that when it rains, it pours, and then monsoons, and then everything sucks. But thats okay! It is what it is. Remembering a bit about my early technology days, and getting to think about the advances in the field was a nice little break from the moping about feeling sorry for myself. I hope that you all got to thinking about all the 'archaic' pieces of technology that you grew up with. What is one technological advancement that you remember vividly affecting you? I wanna hear all about it! 

P.S. I promise to be less of a grump next time. Wah.......

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