Friday, November 16, 2012

Eau de Parfum

   I have a major thing for perfumes. There is nothing more lovely than a vanity overflowing with beautiful perfume bottles. My Grandmothers, Mother, and Aunt have always had their collection of fragrances on a mirrored tray in their bedroom...excuse me, boudoir...and I am following the tradition. Perfume making can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia, so I'm clearly not the first to adore them. Now it's time for show and tell...

 If all my dreams came true, this is what my vanity would look like.
This is Vogue's collection of perfume. Can you even imagine?
 My Mom wears Royal Secret. I know, you've never heard of it. To tell you the truth, when you smell it out of the bottle it's kind of terrible, but on her it's magic! She gave me a bottle when I was a teenager and it's still full because it smells awful on me, but that's one of my favorite things about perfume. A fragrance smells completely different on every person. That magical chemical reaction is the best part. On my Mother Royal Secret smells warm, spicy, and sweet...on me it smells obnoxious. It's great to know even if someone else wears the same scent I do we will never smell exactly alike.
My Meemee wore White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor " The fragrance dreams are made of". I also don't really like the way it smells on me, but I love the bottle, which is half the reason I buy perfume. I mean who doesn't want to smell like Elizabeth Taylor? In my extensive Google research I found out that White Diamonds is still the most successful celebrity perfume of all time. I'm also pretty sure it started the whole celebrity fragrance thing, which in my opinion is getting way out of control!
 Case and point...why on earth does Bruce Willis have a cologne? And why did he pose for this add against some grass cloth wallpaper? He should be hanging off a building or something. Puhhlleeeeeasse.
OK well, I have to admit I own and love Unforgivable Woman by Sean "P.Diddy" Combs. I couldn't help it, it smells so good. The men's fragrance is great too.
 Well, to be honest I also really like Nicki Minaj's new fragrance Pink Friday. I don't want to like it, but it smells delicious. I stopped by the perfume counter to smell Candy by PRADA because I had been waiting for it to come to Lexington forever, but ended up falling in love with Pink Friday instead. I walked away empty handed, but I think I might just need BOTH!    

I mean, I have to have this right!?!
I also love to wear perfume oils. The great thing about oils is as you heat up they smell better and better, so in the summer when you're sweating they're perfect. Just as long as everyone understands that perfumes aren't a replacement for bathing, just a smell good bonus. I like to dab oils on my winter scarves and they continue to smell great year after year. For the longest time I only wore Satsuma oil sold at The Body Shop, but they no longer make the perfume oil, only home fragrance oil. My sister bought me some of the home stuff thinking it's probably the same stuff, but I haven't gotten desperate enough to use it yet. I'm just sure it will poison me. I have a tiny bit left of a bottle that was the last Christmas present my Meemee gave me before she passed away. I only dab it on when I'm feeling extra special.
 Right now my favorite scent is Lola by Marc Jacobs. I sort of hoard it. I love the bottle and I love that it doesn't smell artificial.
 If you like CK1 you'll love DI2. I love that the packaging of this stuff hasn't changed in 20 years.
 One of our store owners, Kathryn, told me about Sweet Honesty. She said she always wanted to be like the girl in the adds, and who can blame her!? All I know is that I want to look and smell like Honesty.
 Old Avon perfume can smell pretty funky, but the bottle are so awesome! I have a dark green rhino in my collection that I just love more than anything. We often have a variety of old Avon perfumes in the store. It's always fun finding one you've never seen before.

We also carry Tokyo Milk perfume at Street Scene. They are an absolute steal for $29.99. I love that each fragrance lists the ingredients so you can identify which scents work for you. It is definatly worth checking out if you're in the market for a new smell! 
Hope to see you soon!

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