Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall fashions...

You know what I love? I love when a fashion trend comes along that I can get behind. Now, I'm not one to say that trends are law, I personally think that you should wear whatever you want to, regardless of if its in 'fashion' or not. However, I do enjoy trying out new things with my personal style. It is fun, really. Sometimes you end up on point, and other times, it may take you a full week of horrible outfits to realize that maybe its just not working. (Who cares).

All I'm saying is that it seems all my stars have aligned! The over-sized sweatshirt/sheer top trend with skirts, cut offs and super skinny pants? Pssshhhh. I'm on it. Oh, you want to add studs and spikes and all sorts of other awesome things as little details on simple pieces? Whats that? Loafers? Be still my heart.

This season's use of neutrals is FANTASTIC. Despite what my picture on here may suggest, I pretty much only wear neutrals. They all mix so well together, and anyone can wear them easily. I also like the juxtaposition of fits and fabrics. I adore a chunky knit sweater draping over the shoulders and a nice black fitted denim pant that tapers at the ankle. What about a sheer cream button down layered with gold chain necklaces paired with a thick velvety skirt? What about it? Everything about it. Playing with fits, fabrics, and accessories is what its all about.

Recently, I've been looking to one of my favorite blogs for inspiration. is a compilation of beautiful pictures of clothing, accessories, food, (I wish there was more of this. Also, just typing food made me irrationally hungry), cities, and many other things. It really is a gorgeous catalog of all things wonderful. This site has sort of acted as a personal stylist for me. Often times I buy pieces I really super love, but have no idea how to wear. Yes, I needed to buy that cropped cream fringe sweater, but for the love of the heavens, I can't seem to pair it with anything. I sometimes feel self conscious in bold pieces, but looking at pictures of all these women that are taking risks in style makes me feel like I should, too! Yay for inspiration and confidence!

So, lets get back on track. Here at Street Scene, we've been dying to set up a clothing rack full of over-sized sweaters, sheer tops, cut offs and all of the other trends we've been seeing everywhere. So we did it! We literally have so many perfect sweaters that it is taking all the willpower I have to not buy every last one. If you are like me and are a bit self conscious of showing off your gams in cut offs, guess what? Throw a pair of tights on under them! Boom! Problem solved! There are so many great patterned tights that look great under cut off shorts. Plus, they are just fun. I hope that you all come in and check out our new rack of clothes! 

Below are some images that can all be found on the blog I mentioned earlier, Check out how these gals are are styling their outfits!

I love how she belted her over-sized sweater so that the blousey-ness (real word? don't care), was set of by accentuating her waist and
allowing the skirt to stand on its own. Her black cross body bag is the perfect accessory to this outfit!

I love how she layers an over-sized button down over her neutral outfit. The shortness of the shorts is offset by the draping of her shirt and the casual masculinity of her layered button down. What I'm trying to say is, this gal nailed it. Also, her hair looks perfect. Dang.

 Okay. Chunky knit scarf. Check. Sheer patterned tights. Check. Cut offs. Check. Sweet leather jacket. Check. This girl is beyond ready for fall. 

Large scarves are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Infinity scarves look SO AWESOME with any top or sweater. Don't have an infinity
scarf? No big d, just take a classic scarf and fake it! We've got a ton of great scarves in the store currently that would work perfectly
for this! 

Maroon/oxblood is really killing it this season. I love mixing neutrals with this color. Is it weird I see oxblood as a neutral? Whatever,
I do what I want. Again, tucking that chunky knit into a fitted waist skirt makes this look work. Again, tights offset the shortness of the skirt. 

Okay. Now THESE are my kind of cut offs. I love the olive color, i love the cuff hem, i love the belt! This is actually a vision from one
of my dreams. The camel coat layered over a tucked in cardigan and paired with gray over the knee socks makes for the best
fall outfit.This is basically what I wear every day. Except my shorts are sweatpants, and my jacket is a hoodie, and yea........... A girl
can dream, right?

Cream on cream on cream on cream. First off, this sweater is a dream. Secondly, pairing items of the same color really makes a statement
when you play with different textures. I love how easy and chic this look is. I would pair this with a touch of color on the lips to really make the outfit stand out. 

You know whats awesome? You can take any top and embellish it yourself. You can go to Michaels and buy pearls and rhinestones and add them as you so please. I've bought vintage shirts before and added my own touches. Its an inexpensive way to get that
awesome embellished look. 

Like I said earlier, DIY! You can find an over-sized men's button down, and add some touches to modernize it. 

Layer. Those. Necklaces. Adding layered jewelry to a simple outfit is always appropriate. I love multiple chains, and it really works
with a lot of different outfit combinations. This girl got it right.

Okay. Well I hope that you all got some fashion inspiration from this post! I'm itching to step up my jewelry game. I really keep thinking I want to wear huge cocktail rings on every single finger. I think I may just have to try that out sometime soon! Whats your favorite trend this season? I wanna know!

Until next time....  


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