Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stockings and stuffs.

Well, it was just Halloween. Remember that? Then Thanksgiving happened. And now, its Christmas. We are all feeling pretty festive and in the spirit here at Street Scene. It doesn't hurt that we've got A TON of awesome Christmas music playing, namely the Queen of Everything, Miss Dolly Parton. Pretty much every single Dolly Parton song makes me cry, so I have to be careful when one of her songs comes on in the shuffle. I might have teared up a bit while typing that. Lets move on.

Christmas at Street Scene is great for a lot of reasons. Firstly, we have the place decorated like a winter wonderland. Should that be a proper noun? Winter Wonderland. There, thats better.  Secondly, during the month of December, we release our holiday coupon. The coupon is good for 20% off during the month of December only. Its perfect timing! The coupon comes just in time for you to do your Christmas shopping! Speaking of Christmas shopping, we've got a bunch of great gifts and stocking stuffer ideas!

A lot of people overlook the importance of stocking stuffers. I feel pretty lucky to have grown up in a household where the stocking was not over looked, but rather glorified. To this day, the stocking is my favorite part of Christmas. Well, other than spending time with my family and eating delicious Christmas foods.Okay, maybe the food is the best part. But seriously, if you are planning on filling a stocking this year, here are some tips for you! 

Step One: The stocking. The stocking itself does not have to be fancy. Yes, Target may offer you the finest white velvet boot, or even a monogrammed sequin number, BUT remember the old addage goes 'Don't judge a stocking by its fabric or sequin/feather content'. I always go with the classic red stocking, made of felt. Its the cheapest option. I tell myself I choose this because its the most traditional, but if we are all being honest here, its really only because you can get it for one dollar. 

Step Two: Personalize that bad boy. This is what makes you look really awesome to all your friends/children. Take that cheap one-dollar stocking, and embroider the tiniest little initial on it. Perhaps even sew 'goodies galore' or 'treat time' on the stocking. You can really go crazy here. Go to Michaels, buy an iron on patch, buy a bedazzling kit, buy whatever, and really go to town. I assure you, whatever you choose to do, it will look like it took you 5 hours longer than it actually did. You're amazing.

Step Three: The stuffing part. I'm a proponent of treats. The stocking is a giant treat, filled with tons of tiny treats, so its essentially my dream. But here comes the hard part, what do you put in the lovely stocking that you've so lovingly decorated? Candy is always fun and delicious. Good choice. Some of my other favorites include teeth whitening strips, jewelry, small books, nail polish, and lastly toys and other items that I absolutely want but do not need. On the subject of toys, we've got a GREAT selection of old timey toys that would be perfect for any stocking. Seriously. They are awesome. 

Step Four: Be proud of how awesome you are at making the perfect stocking.

Step Five: Make sure your friend/child/spouse/whoever goes through the stocking first. The stocking acts as a buffer, so that the overload of Christmas doesn't hit all at once. Sit back and enjoy the smiles on their faces when they tell you how much they love all the treats and trinkets you've thoughtfully picked out for them. Also, make sure they note how long it took you to sew that little stick figure cat on their stocking. You worked so hard. Congratulations. 

I hope you all take my instructions to heart! Does anyone else out there love the stocking tradition as much as I do? I wanna hear all about it! 

Until next time...

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