Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vintage DIY: Setting the Turkey Table

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and even if you might not have the best cooking skills, you can still impress your guests with a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting.  We have everything you need to get started here at Street Scene from vintage turkey platters, to tablecloths, and beautiful dishes.  Check out the pictures below for inspiration and ideas to decorate your family's turkey table.
Old crates and wooden boxes are perfect for gathering classic fall staples like pumpkins, acorns, pine cones, and leaves. Most of the items you can find in your own backyard! Mix in some neutral candles to add some light, set your crates on a simple burlap runner, and you are finished!
Another easy and cheap idea is to simply gather some branches and leaves from your backyard and put them in vases. These tall, over sized vases make a great statement, and you can also fill the bottoms of them with small pumpkins, nuts, or pine cones!
This centerpiece is simple and easy to replicate!  Just gather some pumpkins, gourds, sticks, and berries, and strategically spread them out in the center of the table.  The colors look great on a simple table runner such as gray, tan, or burlap.
Paint fruits with shimmery golds, bronzes, or silvers and place them in old weathered tubs or dishes with a mixture of nuts and leaves for an elegant and rustic look!

Wrap simple white candles with beautiful greenery and neutral satin ribbons.  Place them in a pretty glossy dish with some flowers thrown in.  They even used some vegetables around their candles above like asparagus and green beans!
Everyone has clear glass votives or containers that they can use on their table.  Fill the bottoms with nuts, and top with candles of your choice.  You can mix and match all different sizes and shapes of glass!
Place Cards:
Some of the cutest place cards can be found right outside your back door!  Just tie on your place card with a small ribbon and you are ready to go!
You can also use produce to anchor your place cards! Here they used twine to attach the place card for a more rustic feel.

Gather pine cones outdoors, or buy a bag at your local craft store.  Print or write out simple place cards on plain white card stock or you can choose a pretty printed paper.
Another example of gilded produce! Paint baby pumpkins and tie on your place card for a polished look!
We have these exact green goblets, plates, and cups in the store right now! Don't they look great mixed with golds, yellows, and oranges in this table setting? All the linens are kept very neutral, and I love the pine cones and cinnamon sticks tossed in!

How beautiful does this turquoise and brown look together for an unexpected thanksgiving color scheme? I also love the vintage touches in the center including old books, owls, keys, and decanters!

This is a great farmhouse Thanksgiving look mixing distressed silvers, wood touches, and bright colors.  The centerpiece is very natural and simple and the colorful printed plates look great with a bright striped runner.  The neutral printed burlap place mats tie everything together.
Here is a simple and elegant look featuring blacks, whites, creams, gold, and silver.  Everyone has a lot of items to work with in their homes that are in this color scheme, and the great thing is that you can reuse these colors and make them work for ALL holidays! 

I love the mix of these rich browns with the beautiful deep blue glasses! The feathers are also a great extra decorative touch on top of a folded napkin!

Don't be afraid to mix and match different china on your Thanksgiving table.  Single pheasant and turkey plates are easy to find in antique and thrift stores and they look great mixed and matched together.  This table setting used a mixture of brown and white prints with glossy white china that combine for a very clean look.

A great example of mixing and matching different vintage serving pieces with simple china!


  1. You mentioned you have the green glass goblets, etc. from the first photo under "Dishes" available in the store. I've been drooling over them from that photo for months and am curious how much they are?

    Also, just a suggestion, it would be great for your customers (and the owners of these images) if you began linking and providing proper credit for images you use in your posts. I think it's the professional, courteous thing to do. Unfortunatley in the age of Tumblr and Pinterest, bloggers can be a little lax with properly crediting image owners and it's a real shame.

  2. Amy, we have the exact snack set used in the picture (green glass plate with small mug/cup) and it is $30 for a set of 4. We also have a slightly smaller version of the green goblets that is a set of 8 for $30. We also have 8 matching dessert cups for $25! We get this green glass in quite often, so keep checking back if you are interested! Thank you for the suggestions about the pictures. We unfortunately have very limited time to blog right now and usually get many of our images of off Pinterest, but we will try to add proper links from now on!

  3. Thank you for the price info! I'm going to have to try to stop in soon to check them out. I haven't started hosting the family Thanksgiving just yet, but when I do, I'd LOVE these goblets for the holiday.