Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Old Fashioned Department Store Christmas (R.I.P. Turfland/Lexington Mall)

 I could spend my whole day looking at vintage photos of old department stores, especially when they are all decorated for Christmas.  The decorations were just so over the top and spectacular everywhere you looked!  I love to hear stories about the old stores in Lexington and all of the department stores that used to be downtown.  On the other hand it also makes me really upset that we don't have any department stores downtown anymore, and every time I drive past the vacant Turfland mall, a part of me dies.  I loved going to the Lexington Mall and Turfland Mall when I was little, and sometimes my mom and I would just go and walk around there for the entire day, eat Gold Star Chili, and browse for hours in Dawhare's.  For people that grew up in Lexington, there was something just so old fashioned and nostalgic about those places, even though they got sad and empty in their end days.  So until someone resurrects Turfland Mall- including the old movie theater inside- (this IS an ACTUAL reoccurring dream that I have),  I will have to live my department store dreams through these amazing old photos.  



  1. Superb collection of photos!
    Had to feature a link back to all this from my blog!

  2. If you can combine these into a book, I would be 1st in line to buy it! That made my nostalgic heart sing!

  3. What happened in the 6th photo down from the top -- with the mess all over the department store floor?

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Earthquake, vandalism, theft??