Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bloggin' it...

We do a lot of things here at Street Scene. Between steaming, researching items, setting up the store, we are the busiest of bees. All of us, however, manage to find time to be obsessed with one thing: blogs.

Our interest (read: obsession) in blogs actually is the main reason we started up this bad boy. We love how people who are all interested in the same thing can get together, albeit online, and lust after items as a group. 

I'm going to give you all a list of blogs that I really just super love. All of us girls are interested in fashion blogs, of course, but Emma, for example likes home decor blogs, and Cara enjoys jewelry blogs! Something for everyone! Yay! Now, lets take a look at some fashion blogs, shall we? 
This blog is the jam! The blogger lives in San Francisco, and is constantly giving me style inspiration. Not only does she have the best clothes AND hair, but she is super into bikes. Be still my heart. She is very much into vintage, and I LOVE seeing how she styles all of her vintage pieces. She also has a ton of great vintage shoes. This lady has a knack for pulling off vintage Ferragamo better than most. I tip my hat to her. Here is a quote about her love of vintage:

"If you’ve been reading my blog for a while (or heck, even if you just stumbled upon it for the first time today), then you know that i have a deep love for all things vintage. my closet is bursting with vintage treasures picked up at thrift shops, vintage boutiques, and flea markets. i like to imagine that if these old rags could talk, they’d each have their own beautiful, rich history to tell. and when i buy a vintage piece, i almost feel honored to be able to continue writing that story. each item feels so special and unique, that sometimes i find myself saving my best vintage for only the most special occasions. i don’t want my prized possessions to rip or fade or disintegrate, but i still want to be able to enjoy them. so of course i always take care and wash them gently so that they will last for many more years to come". 
 This is just one of those blogs that makes you jealous. I don't know how else to put it. Just look at this outfit. This is my dream outfit. All of the photographs on this blog are stunning, she, herself is an angel, and I want my entire life to be like this. She has a very modern and fresh take on style, and its a really great go-to when I'm trying to step outside my comfort zone with fashion
This picture should pretty much cover it. This was on of the first blogs that I read religiously, and I still look at it every now and again, but mostly for Makeup Mondays. This blogger is ridiculously talented at all things makeup, and she does a tutorial most every Monday. Its really fun to try out her makeup tips, though I will say I always finish a little frustrated because I didn't magically turn into her. Her face is flawless. Aside from her makeup skill$ (I just wanted to do that today. Let it happen), she is a collector of all things vintage, and an animal lover. Check out this blog for sure!

 This blog is super great. I have a penchant for blogs that are street shots. I love that each post is a different face and a different style. As you can see from the two above photos, the style varies so so much. Blogs such as this really keep my interest. I love how the posts transition from demure and simple pieces to mixes of patterns and colors and styles. Its a reminder to me to mix up my wardrobe

Well, those are just a few of the blogs that I peruse every so often. Do you all have blogs that you read faithfully? What types of blogs are you most interested in? I wanna know!

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