Friday, December 28, 2012

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

    The boss ladies here at Street Scene must know me really well because they gave me my favorite nickname ever...Cara "Champagne" Larkin. I just think everything is better with bubbles. The nickname was given to me for the obvious reason, my love of champagne, but I think it's more about what I like to refer to is my "champagne lifestyle". Champagne is about celebration and I like to live every day with that spirit, why only allow yourself to celebrate one day out of the year? Champagne makes me feel special, even when it's cheap, even when I'm in my stretchy pants, and that's all this girl could hope for! 
2012 is almost over and the world is still here, that's a big reason to pop some bottles! Let's all raise a glass and toast to 2013!

 Maybe one day I can party like it's 1999, hold up it is, with this bottle of Cristal...yeah right! I mean I love champagne more than pretty much anyone, but I would have to own every pair of shoes in the world before I started spending my money on something disposable...But if someone else wants to buy it for me, that's a horse of a different color.
 Any of these beautiful bottles would do just fine as well.

 But the bottle I covet above all other bottles is this 2009 Moet & Chandon Midnight Gold daddy! It is made of lambskin and covered in Swarovski What could be better than this!?
Who am I kidding...I'll be drinking Andre this New Years Eve, and proud of it! I personally enjoy the Blush and Extra Dry varieties, Cold Duck not so much.

I used to have my very own champagne fountain until I left it in a closet without being fully cleaned...there was mold, there were mouse droppings, it was sad. But, it sure was wonderful while it lasted!

 How beautiful, how festive, how sticky. 

 Now if you really want to take champagne living to another level, you should visit the Roman Towers Suite at the Pocono Palace Resort. My two very favorite things, champagne and baths, are  combined so beautifully in this takes my breath away. I could do without the creepy redrum carpet, but it can't be too perfect or it would be heaven.

 Looky Lou, I see you in that heart shaped pool!

 Why not have some dancing babes at your classy New Years Eve Soiree!?! And why you're at it, put them in a giant champagne glass! You'll be the talk of the town!

 If all else fails and you can't find a champagne shaped bathtub, you can always just put a bunch of champagne in your tub! No leaking coolers at this party.

 However you enjoy your Champagne this New Years Eve, remember to be safe and share it with the people you love most. Surround yourself with the family and friends you intend to share the next 365 days with, we hope we will be a part of the up coming year for you as well.
See you in 2013. It's our year, I can feel it!
Love, Cara

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