Friday, December 7, 2012

Tacky Christmas Sweaters...We Got Em'!


    Tacky Christmas Sweater parties have become all the rage! We hoard these hideous things all year long just to make them easy for you to find when the time comes. This year when you're putting on your tacky holiday sweater why not go the distance with an entire tacky outfit!? We've got some beautiful skirts, blouses, scarfs, etc. that can really help push your holiday look to the limit.

Our lady has the look down. The wonderful zip up bejeweled snowman sweater and the plaid holiday maxi skirt really say "hostess with the mostest"!

She's even got a sparkly hat and earmuffs!

And don't forget about tacky Christmas shoes! If you had on something very simple and solid a pair of these could actually be kind of cute...maybe. Please note that two of three pairs we have are Mootsies Tootsies brand. I just love saying Mootsies Tootsies.

Aren't these just charming!?!

And when you thought we were finished I give you tacky Christmas jewelry! I feel like all my primary school teachers had a real knack for finding the wackiest of holiday jewels. I wonder what their secret source was?
These wrapped packages have to be my absolute favorite!

You can also always go for the ever so subtle Cousin Eddie look from Christmas Vacation. The sheerness of his sweater shows off his dickie ever so nicely.
Well y'all, whatever look you decide to go for we've got you covered! Come by and we'll dress you from head to toe in the finest of tacky holiday attire!

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