Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vintage DIY: Homemade Snowglobes

I have been dying to make some of these adorable vintage inspired snow globes ever since I first saw them on Pinterest a few weeks agoSince actual vintage snow globes are so hard to find in good condition, why not use a few vintage Christmas trinkets and thrifted jars to make your own?  You can use anything to decorate your jars from little deer figurines, ornament parts and pieces, bottle brush trees, pinecones, or even vintage jewelry! There are several examples below of my favorite snow globe inspirations, some use water and glitter, and some are waterless and just use glitter, epsom salt, or fake snow.  I like both looks and think I will mix and match my snow globes using both methods depending on the materials inside.  All the instructions for each look can be found by simply clicking the link below the picture!

I love the variety of shapes and sizes in these snow globes from Martha Stewart!  They even painted the lids cute colors for an extra special detail!  

via thelemonistia.blogspot.com

Here's an example of a waterless snow globe with the cutest little deer figurine! If you have trouble finding small trees for your jars, simply buy some greenery at the craft store and cut off branches to fit in your jar. The branch will look like a mini tree covered in snow once you put your whole jar together!

Here's a perfect shot of how your finished snow globe will look when you shake it up!  The twine tied around the lid adds a simple and natural detail.  You could use any kind of ribbon or trim to decorate your own lids!

Here's another adorable idea for your globes: add a glittered touch to the top!  You can use any color and size of glitter that you like, but be sure to keep these globes waterless to keep your glitter in tact longer!  

 via Apartment Therapy

One of my favorite ideas yet, and a beautiful way to display vintage jewelry!  Whether you want to display a treasured piece of jewelry of your own, or repurpose a broken or damaged piece, this is a practical way to show it off beautifully!

via Apartment Therapy 

Don't be picky when hunting for jars!  Almost every shape and size can be used for one thing or another, and a large variety will look amazing clustered on a fireplace mantle!

via Blue Robin Cottage

I also love this simple all-white look for snowglobes.  These would also look adorable with the glitter effect at the top in white, silver, or gold.

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