Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vintage DIY: Bathrooms

 Looking at these glamorous vintage bathrooms would make any girl drool.  Such great color combinations, feminine details, and fun patterns.  If you are currently wishing you were lounging in a bubble bath in such a vintage dream of a bathroom, with a few simple (and inexpensive) touches you can transform your drab bathroom into a charming escape.
Step 1: Color 
A bright splash of color on the walls will make all the difference in your bathroom!  Take a cue from the fun color schemes in the above vintage bathrooms, or get inspired by a shower curtain that you love, or even a picture you want to hang in your bathroom.  Also consider any existing colors you have in your bathroom that you need to coordinate with, like tile color.  My bathroom had retro light pink and white tile when I moved in, so I chose a deep pink color that would pop against the tile, but also coordinated well with the existing colors.

Step 2: Linens

Surprisingly vintage bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths are very easy to find and usually in great condition!  They have many details and cute patterns, as opposed to modern solid colored towels.  I found my favorite set of vintage pink and yellow daisy towels at a garage sale for $1!

 If you can't find a shower curtain that matches your color scheme, you can easily just make one!  I made my shower curtain out of a vintage bed sheet found at Goodwill.  Using a sheet for fabric is both very inexpensive, and gives you plenty of fabric to work with.  Before cutting your fabric, measure the width of your bath, then add a couple of feet so your curtain will gather properly (also measure the height to make sure your fabric is long enough).  Next just simply fold over the fabric a few inches on the top and sew a straight seam across.  Add any trims across the top or the bottom that you might like, then insert your tension rod and hang it at the proper height above the bath.  If you want to have a plastic liner for inside the curtain, you will need a second tension rod to hold that separately. 

Vintage Green Fern Pattern Shower Curtain $12 at Street Scene
There are also many great ways to display your linens besides a traditional towel rack or closet.  I love my gold pedestal wash cloth holder because it keeps washcloths close by, and also makes them look so pretty!  I found mine at a goodwill, but you can also occasionally find them at antique or vintage stores.  Below are some more ideas for displaying your bathroom linens.

Hang baskets sideways to hold rolled towels (via Pinterest)
Use a wine bottle rack to hold rolled up towels (via Pinterest)

 Step 3: Decorative Touches

A few decorative touches can make all the difference in your new bathroom.  One idea is to replace a boring medicine cabinet with a beautiful mirror!  I found mine at a garage sale and spray painted it to match the tile in my bathroom.  Be sure to measure the hole left by your medicine cabinet before shopping for your mirror so it will cover it completely.  A vintage shadowbox mirror (like the one pictured below) is another fantastic idea because it also provides a little storage while looking amazing in your bathroom!
Shadowbox mirror, $60 at Street Scene
Vintage tissue box covers are so much prettier than a cardboard kleenex box! I was worried about not being able to find a kleenex box that would fit into this skinny rectangular cover, but you can easily just take folded kleenexes out of any pre-packed box and lay them inside your vintage box cover, and it will still dispense them perfectly!


Don't forget a cute trashcan for your bathroom! My obsession with poodles led me to this pink and white striped metal poodle trashcan!  We also have many great vintage trashcans at Street Scene, including this beautiful gold trashcan that would add a touch of glamour to any bathroom!

gold trashcan $14 at Street Scene

Last but not least, add some cute vintage jars and bowls to hold all your small bathroom items like soaps, cotton balls, and q-tips!  They will look so beautiful, there's no need to hide them away in a cabinet or closet!

set of glass jars with alluminum lids $16 at Street Scene
vintage soap dish and toothbrush holder $15 at Street Scene
Vintage towel set with mirror (still in box!) $15 at Street Scene

Monday, January 30, 2012

{Look of the Week} : Wines, Woods and Maxi Skirts

Our look for this week features my favorite clothing piece to wear right now... one that has comfort and warmth, and a drama and glamour derived from its sheer length (which is something I can't say about any other clothing piece you can wear so casually) the maxi skirt! Street Scene has a ton of maxis right now, but for this week we're focusing on warm wine colors, paired with plaids, creams and brighter reds. The true beauty of this Look of the Week--besides looking super cute and getting compliments all day--is that it's a prime choice for gliding through a busy day with ease. Put on a maxi, belt and top with some tights on underneath and you're instantly prepared to warmly walk to class, grab your groceries, try on a ton of stuff at Goodwill or the mall (this outfit is a breeze in the dressing rooms), and go out to dinner with friends later that night. Enjoy!

{From top left to bottom right: 01. Diane Von Furstenburg plaid button down, $18.00, Velvet wine maxi, $15.00, Leather Aigner belt, $8.00. 02. Cream skirt, $16.00, Plaid skirt, $16.00, Red and blue skirt, $12.00, Velvet burgundy skirt, $15.00. 03. Leather Aigner belt, $8.00. 04. Small wood bangle, $1.00, Silver bracelet, $10.00, 05. Wood bangle, $16.00, Green, orange and wood bangle set, $8.00.}

Friday, January 27, 2012

Have a melamine dream weekend...

Welcome back to the weekend! The store's current kitchen display is so dreamy and sweet with a color palette of pretty pastels and some floral pattern; it's got me thinking of all the pretty colors that are coming into style for this spring. Below is just a tiny round up of some perfectly sweet vintage items we have in the store right now. The "melamine dream" title is based on our collection of simple and beautiful melamine bowls and dishes, which have set the color palette you see below. Another one of Street Scene's bloggers, Kate, wrote a more in-depth post about melamine here back in August, should you find yourself so intrigued to learn quite a bit about melamine. Until next weekend, stay dreamy! 

{01. Yellow plate set, $30.00, 02. Pastel cups (4), $12.00, 03. Yellow egg cups, $18.00, 04. Cake plate, $18.00, 05. 1950's pitcher, $15.00, 06. Yellow planter/vase, $12.00, 07. Moda table cloth, $35.00.}

{01. Peach sweater tank, $15.00, 02. Gold, white, blue clip-ons, $10.00, 03. Ice cream shooter, $2.00 ea., 04. Melamine bowls, $14-16.00, 05. Trivet, $8.00.}

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look Sharp Men!

      I absolutely love getting dressed. If I have the time, I enjoy every part of getting ready. I often joke that by the time I'm finished with my process I've had my fill of fun and would be happy to abandon the event I was getting ready for all together. I'm sure the people waiting on me don't appreciate this, but anything worth doing is worth doing right! 
    More people took their time dressing in decades past. There is something romantic about sitting at a vanity to put your makeup on rather than bent over a bathroom counter. This is one of the many reasons I love vintage, it's not only the look I'm after, but also the way of life. I think this idea of really "dressing" is most definitely an idea of the past in regards to men. Too many men make little to no effort in the way they dress. If only they knew the pleasure of looking sharp and the extra confidence you have when you know you are looking your best maybe they would take that extra time.

     Here are some of my favorite Men's "dressing" accessories to get you started on you journey to sharpness:

     A valet is a great tool for a man with style. The drawer under the seat can hold your shoe horn so the backs of your nice shoes aren't all smushed from trying to slip them on in a hurry and the tray at the top can be a catch-all for things like rings, watches, cufflinks, etc.

SOCK GARTERS!!! If you cross your legs and I can see your sock garters, watch out! Only a real class act would take the time to wear such a lovely accessory. They say "my socks were not bought in a bargain bag, they have enough natural fiber content that they might need some help staying up."
    Try a ring! I really like initial rings, which is funny because I don't care for initials on much else. My Dad wore one like this when I was growing up for special occasions, I remember thinking how it finished his look perfectly!

  Make it a Bling, Bling, Pinky Ring! High rollers from the past and present know that a pinky ring is a great look. You don't have to wear one all the time, but when you do you're sure to look important!

   The point is to enjoy yourself! Try something new with your look, don't be afraid to wear something that no one else is wearing. And don't worry, we have everything you need to get started here at Street Scene! Let yourself take pride in looking sharp, people will notice. Let's all raise our deluxe gold leafed rocks glass to "dressing", make a habit of it!
Love, Cara

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here comes the bride...

After reading through all the new blog posts I have to say one thing: So Awesome. Maybe thats two things, technically, but still! I hope you all are enjoying all the new voices as much as I am! Moving on...

I'm going to get a little girly on you all today. I hope you can handle it! I'm going to talk about....wedding dresses! I usually get a little sweaty and sick to my stomach when I think about this subject, but I really am excited to talk about it today. So, here it goes.

Street Scene is officially going to start taking wedding dresses again! Starting March 5th (first Monday of the month), we will consign wedding dresses for 90 days. That means we will have them here until June! I hope that we can get the word out there so that we get in TONS of dresses. I'm so excited, and I hope you all are, too.

Today I just wanted to show some pictures of possible styles of dresses that we will get in. As is the usual, we  will focus mainly on the 50's -70's. That being said, if someone brings in a dress that is older (think 20's-40's) or newer (80's), and its just too perfect to pass up, we WILL consign it. Let's start with a dress from the 1920's!

Ah. This dress is gorgeous. In the 1920's, characteristics such as a drop-waist, shorter hemlines, and more loosely fitting garments made their way onto the fashion scene. I absolutely love this style for a wedding dress because it means one thing: ACCESSORIES! I just sang that aloud with jazz hands. You're welcome. Since the shape and style of the dress are fairly simple, you can let your accessories steal the spotlight. For example, a headband with feathers, or a flower tucked into the side of your messy up-do would really make the dress even more special. Since the neckline is high, and has detailing running along-side the shoulders, I would choose a bold rhinestone earring, and pass on a necklace.

Next I'll look at a dress from the 1940's. The 40's can be characterized by nipping in the waist a bit more than was seen in the 20's and 30's, shoulder pads, and a tailored look in a lot of the garments. This dress is probably an early 40's piece, and is obviously still influenced by the styles of the 30's. What I love about this dress (and the dress that I chose for the 50's style) is that it really flatters a woman's body. The exaggerated shoulders make your waist appear smaller than it really is. Does this mean you don't have to workout before your wedding? Yes, thats EXACTLY what it means. But seriously, you are already perfect, this particular style just enhances it!

Now, lets move on to the 1950's. The 1950's showed extreme attention to the waist. Having structured sleeves was a thing of the past, and sleeveless styles became prominent in formal dresses. As I mentioned earlier, this style is so flattering. This style also caters to those who are into that princess look. As is with every decade, the style seen in the 50's ranges from simple and knee length, to more extravagant and tea length! There are so many options to choose from, but heres a classic example of a 1950's dress.

Still with me? I've only got two more points left to talk about. On to the 1960's! The 60's experienced a little bit of everything! The style of the 50's carried over to the early 60's, but things also began to really change in the fashion world. The hemline shot upward, and all of a sudden the waist wasn't as nipped in as it had been in previous decades. Short mod styles were in fashion, and shift dresses took over. This particular dress that I'm about to show you is a great example of a 60's wedding gown. This dress has an empire waist and a short hemline. How cute would this dress be with super straight hair or a teased-as-all-get-out updo, and eye makeup to match the times! How perfect! 

Lastly, I'd just like to talk about wedding dresses in general. Remember, just because it wasn't made to be a wedding dress, doesn't mean it can't be your perfect dress for your day! So what if its not white! So what if its not ultra-formal! If you are unsure of what particular style you want, try thinking outside the box. Do not rule out different colors or styles just because you think a wedding dress has to look a certain way. As you can see above, wedding dresses have evolved over time! I'll leave you with this dress. How perfect would this be for a wedding in a park?! I'm picturing a picnic-y setting with lots of gingham and people sitting on blankets as you celebrate your big day. The best part about choosing a less formal dress is that you can wear it again and again. 
I hope that this helped clarify a few things for you all! I also hope that it inspired you to go out and find exactly the dress that you want! Remember, you can always chat with us on here or on Facebook about these topics! Until next time!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage DIY: Jewelry Displays

Whether your jewelry collection is small or  large, there's no reason to hide it all away in a drawer or box! I love to admire my jewels, purses, and clothes so much, that I dedicated a whole room to displaying them in my house!  While putting together my dream dressing room, I was always on the lookout for unique things I could use to display my jewelry.  All of my jewelry displays came from garage sales, thrift stores, or Goodwills; and with a little paint and creativity, they work perfectly for my earrings, necklaces, rings, and things! 

My most vast collection is probably my clip-on earrings.  Since I have never had my ears pierced, I have been collecting many of theses earrings since my dress up days as a little girl.  I needed to find something big enough to display them all together.  I found an old frame at a garage sale for $1, spray painted it to match my room, then attached black plastic chicken wire (available at Lowe's) to the back using a staple gun.  This will work perfectly for both clip-on earrings and pierced!  You can use whatever size frame you need for your collection, or even create a cluster of smaller frames for a eye-catching statement on the wall.  You can always find old picture frames at Goodwills or thrift stores, and don't turn one down if they have broken glass or an ugly picture inside, because you can just remove it.

Here is another idea found on Pinterest using a frame for an earring display.  Instead of chicken wire, they strung lace ribbon across the back and attached with a staple gun.  You could use any shape, texture, or color of ribbon you want with this method.
                                                                     via Pinterest

I always like to color-coordinate my necklaces because it helps me easily find something that matches my outfit, and also just looks great!  I found this great spinning rack at a Goodwill for $2.50, spray painted it black, and it has been perfect for my necklaces!  As long as you keep an open mind while at thrift stores you can usually find some great trinkets to hang necklaces from.  Below are some more ideas from Pinterest for necklaces:
Another vintage frame idea: Just hang on the wall and screw some hooks inside the border (You could even paint the inside for a pop of color).

Another great idea is to use unique knobs and attach them to a wall or board to hang your necklaces from.  You could pick a variety of knobs, or all the same kind!  We even have a great collection of colorful vintage-looking knobs here at Street Scene!
via Pinterest

Bracelets and rings look great in little vintage dishes, mirror trays, or even tea cups.  For some of my bracelets, I found a small little jewelry holder at Goodwill that was kind of dirty and beat up, and spray painted it red.  It has three arms, so it holds plenty of bracelets and works perfectly!
I know you are probably distracted by that adorable poodle statue, I don't blame you.
All jewelry displays just look that much prettier on a vintage mirror tray (We have several, all different sizes, in the store right now if you are looking!).  If you can't find an actual mirror tray, you can even just use regular mirrors that will lie flat on a table! I found this ornate silver and red candlestick (?!?) thing at a garage sale for $1.  I'm not sure what the item was originally supposed to be used for, but it works great for hanging bracelets from!  My rings are all piled on a black hand display.  We get all types of old vintage hands (from mini ring dishes to larger display hands) in the store quite often, so if you are looking for one be sure to tell us!

I hope you enjoyed a mini tour of my dressing room, and I will be sharing more ways to DIY with vintage next week!


Monday, January 23, 2012

{Look of the Week} : The New Winter White

It is hardly winter outside on this January day but I found myself being inspired by the classic winter white look when I found these amazing white jersey pants. To add a new spin to these winter whites I paired them with beige and brown. I also found more amazing dresses and skirts in the store that told the same color story. These winter neutrals will have you looking effortlessly chic. Stop by this week to check out my first ever "Look of the Week"! -Sarah Jane
Top photo: jersey pants $12, jacket: $18, button down shirt $10, scarf $7, handbag $20, cuff $40, other bracelets $3-$6
Middle photo: bag $26, gloves $6, earrings $10 
Bottom photo: wicker bag: $20, shoes $12