Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Entry Ways

I am always searching for a new corner of my house to decorate.  When I came across some fabulous entry way photos on Pinterest, I decided that my boring and barren entryway area would be my next project.  Looking at three of my favorite entryways, I realized that these could easily be duplicated using items from our store.  Below are photos of each inspiration entryway followed by a list of items available at Street Scene that will help you achieve the exact same look!  Have other inspiration rooms you want to duplicate in your own home?  Bring in a picture and we are always thrilled to help you pull together items that we have and/or recommend where to get items you need!  
Entry Way #1- Girly Glam

via Caitlin Wilson Design

 Get the Look!
This brass and glass console table ($179) is the perfect centerpiece for any glam entry way space.  Tuck a chic and simple ottoman like our large white vinyl one ($159) underneath the console for extra pull out seating while putting on shoes, or getting ready to head out the door.  Our white and gold chalkware starburst mirror ($50) is the perfect statement piece to grace the wall above your console, just like the eye catching large mirror in the inspiration photo.  Our over-the-top white and gold candelabra ($65) with mint green candles is another great item to place on the wall above the console.  Accessorize your table with simple stacks of books or magazines as seen in the inspiration photo, and a few key items like our coral colored iridescent vase ($22) and amazing brass pineapple lamp ($79)!

 Entry Way #2- Rustic Romantic
via 79 ideas

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Start out with a simple white piece of distresssed furniture like our white dresser with turquoise accents ($200).  A simple antique mirror or floral picture, like our vintage flower picture in gold frame for $30, will look great adorning the wall above your furniture.  Hanging a chandelier to the side of your furniture will add a romantic touch to your rustic pieces, we can special order simple crystal chandeliers like the one pictured above for $175.  Next place a simple chair beside your furniture for some extra seating.  I think our little blue floral slip covered chair ($39) would be perfect for this look!  Finally, load up your dresser with tons of bright, white glassware similar to our assortment of beautiful white planters and floral teapot seen above ($8-25).  You can also add some greenery or plants to these items to add to the rustic feel of your space.

Entry Way #3- Whimsical Farmhouse
via Flower Patch Farmgirl

                                       Get the Look! 

 We have so many great pieces to recreate this look! Start out with our long painted church pew ($150) for plenty of seating by your doorway.  Next add a perfectly vintage paint by number above your seating just like in the inspiration photo (we always have plenty of these in the store, my favorite right now is this sailboat for $30).  Hooks are great to have by the doorway and our vintage anchor hooks ($12 each) would work perfectly and also match the nautical theme of this paint by number! Our vintage cuckoo clock ($65) will add a whimsical touch to this space and keep you leaving the house on time (hopefully)!  I love old wire baskets like the one pictured in the inspiration photo.   These are great for holding extra shoes, purses, or other items you drop by your door frequently.  Our wire laundry basket ($80) on wheels is an even more perfect alternative as it can hold a ton of stuff, and sits up much higher.  Antique accessories like our blue battery jar ($30) will look great sitting under your bench or on a shelf in your entryway.  Finally add one of our great new enamel light fixtures ($130.99) for the perfect farmhouse look!

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