Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Festivals and stuff...

Tis the season of the summer festival. Whether it be art, food, or music, there are always so many great ways to spend your time in the summer. I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret though: the most exciting part of a festival for me, isn't the festival.  

I'm an explorer by nature. If there is an adventure, I'm on it (unless its a rollercoaster, then I'm not only NOT on it, I'm sitting somewhere crying about how scary they are). I consider that my greatest weakness. Moving on, I believe that you should make the most of every trip you take. Its in my nature to want to be moving every single second of every single day, and this mentality makes its way to my vacations. I sometimes feel sorry for whoever I travel with. I wake up at 5am, and that usually means that after watching that person sleep for two hours, I wake them up at 7am, and ask if we can start the day. I'm the worst. Having said that, traveling with me ensures that you will explore things at a level you never would have thought possible, even if, for example, it just means finding a new thrift store. Do you see where I'm going with this yet?

To me, a festival is an excuse to fall madly in love with another city. To do research and find the best breakfast places, best museums, and most importantly, best thrift stores. 

Whenever I go to a music festival, I make sure to do my research on the city. If you are a thrifter by nature like me, or you just enjoy perusing the thrift scene every so often, then you understand how absolutely thrilling it is to explore all the new items in a new city. Different parts of the country have different styles, different ideas of how to display things, and most importantly, they have a difference in what the audience wants. Buying things from various areas really ensures that you sort of run the gamut of all things vintage. What fun!

This summer, why don't you make some time to explore whatever city you find yourself in? I promise that scheduling yourself a little 4 hour block of free time to find out that city's hidden treasures will pay off. I've gone ahead and laid out some options for you. You're welcome. 

Going to Pitchfork (Chicago) this summer? 
Why don't you check out Lenny and Me, Una Mae, Knee Deep,Store B, or Vintage Underground? Vintage Underground is the one I'll focus on here. This store is pretty darn amazing. While they have a ton of housewares and other fun items, the store is JAM PACKED with jewelry. Like, the most amazing jewelry you will ever see. Like, every piece is beyond anything you can imagine. Like, thousands of marked pieces by top designers. I seriously can't even. I die. 

Going to Bonaroo (Manchester, Tennessee) this summer? 
I did a bit of research, and I found a handful of vintage stores in and around the area. Antique World of Manchester looks to be a real winner. Its basically a giant antique mall that houses over 90 dealers, and its located right off the highway! What an easy stop to make! Also, I'm pretty sure if you are going to Bonaroo, you need to be focused on staying hydrated and making sure no one wanders into your tent uninvited. I feel for all of you. 

Going to Bunbury (Cincinnati) this summer? 

Why don't you check out Casablanca Vintage, Chicken Lays an Egg, Talk of the Town, or NVISION? These are just a few of the store that I like to frequent while I'm in Cinci. Casablanca Vintage really always hits it home for me. When I first started going there, they literally had piles of stuff as tall as me EVERYWHERE, and you would swim through everything, take a piece to the counter, and they'd just fling a price at you. Now, under new management, its super neat and organized. Yeah, it takes a bit of the fun out of it for me, but I'll be darned if I still don't love this place. The amount of vintage basketball jerseys that I've purchased here is pretty impressive. 

Going to Sasquatch (Quincy, Washington) this summer? 
Yeah. You'll pretty much just have to hang out, there. I think the population was at about 7,000 a few years ago. But seriously, why would you want to leave this place? Enjoy yourselves. 

Okay. Thats it for today. Lets get summer started.

Until next time...

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